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In this BrandCrowd review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

8.4Expert Score
Quickly create a professional-looking logo with BrandCrowd
Your company needs the BrandCrowd design templates to appear appealing and draw clients. Users of these templates have the option to pay extra to have the designs printed. Businesses may more easily crowdsource their unique designs thanks to BrandCrowd's ownership of DesignCrowd.
Value for Money
Customer support
Ease of use
  • Unlimited access to alter your logo whatever you want, download it as many times as you want in any form, store it indefinitely,
  • User-friendly editing tools
  • Creating logos for flyers, business cards, social media...
  • Linkedin, Youtube, and banner maker guaranteed.
  • Access to the authors of Instagram and Facebook stories
  • A wide variety of logo templates
  • Huge variety of creative tools.
  • You can't alter the icon when modifying the logo template.
  • Requires an mail address before editing logos.
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You will get: Unlimited access to alter your logo whatever you want, download it as many times as you want in any form, store it indefinitely, User-friendly editing tools Creating logos for flyers, business cards, social media... Linkedin, Youtube, and banner maker guaranteed. Access to the authors of Instagram and Facebook stories A wide variety of logo templates Huge variety of creative tools.

Have you have a company that needs a decent, simply customizable logo design?

The solution is BrandCrowd then. The website offers a lot of extra services, like social networking, menus, invoices, gift cards, and many others. It is really thorough.

BrandCrowd home

When Brandcrowd was established, the main goal was to produce high-quality logos as quickly as possible. BrandCrowd sounds fairly good with a TrustPilot trust rating of 4.9/5.

This post will walk you through every aspect of the BrandCrowd logo maker, including its features, cost, and positive and negative points. This must be time and money well spent, right? So let’s get going.

What is BrandCrowd ?

A logo creator like BrandCrowd focuses on giving people the best logos they can in the smallest amount of time. The BrandCrowd uses templates as opposed to the AI-based logo builders. Its templates are produced to order, allowing customers to choose the one they like and then modify it in accordance with their requirements to create a unique version. A collection of templates with around 65,000 designs is available on BrandCrowd.

Without a doubt, launching a firm will be simple if you have a BrandCrowd logo maker on your side. It is possible to utilize this logo maker effectively even if you have no design experience because to how simple it is to use.

One of the many diverse collections you may find online is its logo library. Each logo is handmade by skilled designers from all around the world. Color, typeface, and layout changes instantly represent your brand through design.

The different features of BrandCrowd

Handmade Logo

BrandCrowd features

Professional logo designers create each set of icons. The fact that they are neither overly simple nor subpar is a plus. You simply cannot miss out on the excellence there.

Possibility of Purchasing Premade Identities

BrandCrowd is the answer if you don’t want to deal with the effort of personalizing every aspect of your logo. Pre-made logos and brand identities can only be purchased once through BrandCrowd. One will be exclusively yours if you buy one.

Create unique graphics with your logo

Access to the graphics editor, which functions more like a logo designer, is available if you are ready to pay a higher charge. Consider the templates you may create for the different social media platforms. Isn’t it fantastic?

Will you believe me if I said that the Google Plus template would make it simple for you to create the graphic? This logo creator may completely transform your website.

Possibility of involving the expert

You can hire at least one qualified logo designer for a very low price. You can be guaranteed to get professional assistance once your logo is where you want it to be or, let’s say, when you have gone beyond the Brand Crowd editor’s capabilities.

What is the price of BrandCrowd ?

The premium logo pack on BrandCrowd costs either €60 ($15) per year or €15 per month. You may get all the features you need for your logo with the premium plan, which is subscription-based.

BrandCrowd price

You won’t be charged by BrandCrowd to browse, pick, and modify logo templates. If you wish to download it, you’ll be the only one to pay. This will lessen the pressure you feel while purchasing the logo.

There are two ways you can get the BrandCrowd logo. You have the option of choosing a monthly subscription that grants you access to several logos or making a one-time purchase, at which point you can download the logo along with all of the associated ready files.

The regular Logo plan from BrandCrowd is $45 but includes a higher resolution and a vector file of the logo. Additionally, you will receive files with many logo versions on a translucent background. Black and white versions, versions with only icons, versions with only text, and versions with other variations are among the variations.

You will need to pay $15 per month for its Premium Logo bundle. What makes this plan the greatest, in your opinion? It includes everything a basic pack subscription offers, plus extras like unlimited revisions, social media design templates, business card design templates, and limitless logo file downloads.

If you decide that the premium plan is still not right for you, you have the option of purchasing the design tools, business card templates, social media templates, and logo editor for an additional $9 per month.

Conclusion : What makes BrandCrowd a good choice ?

When a well-designed logo represents your brand, audiences are typically drawn to it. Your preferences and desires are very important while designing a logo. And you alone are the best expert on your brand. Obviously, nobody.

If you want to create your own logo using the logo creator, BrandCrowd is without a doubt the best of the best. It provides excellent product features. It has a template library that is incredibly large. Therefore, you may be guaranteed to acquire excellent logo designs that are simple to customize, regardless of your niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BrandCrowd offer free logo downloads?

You must choose one of your packages in order to acquire your logo because BrandCrowd does not offer any free logo plans. Additionally, you won’t have any opportunities for free editing once you’ve paid for the logo.

How much does BrandCrowd charge for its plans?

There are two paid alternatives for this logo maker: premium and ordinary plans. The standard plan provides your logo in a variety of forms and at a greater resolution. The source file for the logo as well as the color options are included.

Compared to the ordinary plan, the premium package plan offers a lot of benefits. Aside from infinite logo variants and social media graphics, it offers all the capabilities found in the basic package.

Can businesses utilize BrandCrowd for no cost?

Use of BrandCrowd is free. You can choose from a variety of logo designs, alter them, and save them as often as you like.

Do the logos on BrandCrowd have copyrights?

Your non-exclusive rights to use the design for both commercial and non-commercial uses are granted by the BrandCrowd standard license. Someone can buy the exclusive license if they want to obtain full intellectual property rights.

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BrandCrowd Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
BrandCrowd Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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