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In this Design Shifu review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

9.3Expert Score
Scalable requests for an unrestricted graphic design service
Unlimited graphic design options and design revisions are both offered by Design Shifu. They have a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours. Every single one of their designs goes through a rigorous quality check before being handed to their clients.
Value for Money
Design quality
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  • Cheap
  • Authentic Designs
  • Scaling for active requests
  • Swift delivery
  • Livechat assistance (quick answer)
  • The entry-level package excludes custom illustrations.
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You will get: Cheap Authentic Designs Scaling for active requests Swift delivery Livechat assistance (quick answer)

Graphic design SaaS are readily available on the market and have monthly subscription fees. Their lack of diversity, though, is a flaw they all share. A short Google search reveals that the field of graphic design is predominately male. Therefore, the chances that the agency you choose will be owned and run by men are rather high.

We decided to discuss Design Shifu’s identity as a company and the job they do as a result of the way in which the company stood out. The majority of the designers at this design agency, one of the few created by women in the industry, are also women.

Design Shifu accueil

What is Design Shifu ?

The graphic design firm Design Shifu was founded to carry out the founder’s idea of women’s empowerment, as the name would imply. Hadeel Abu Elhaija, a gifted independent contractor, founded the business in 2018, and it now runs exclusively within the United States. Here is a list of every feature offered by Design Shifu.

The different features of Design Shifu

The most crucial element is understanding what an infinite graphic design service is capable of. Read this Design Shifu review to learn more about the services they offer.

No cap on requests or revisions

Although this isn’t a characteristic unique to Design Shifu, it is nonetheless significant enough to warrant discussion on its own. After paying the subscription fee, you can order as many designs as you want each month. The business, however, is only able to work on one of your projects at a time in order to prevent things from getting out of hand.

Obviously, you could possibly receive a thousand drawings for a few hundred dollars if there wasn’t a restriction on the number of simultaneous projects that were permitted. However, there are no limitations on how long you can keep adding jobs to your queue. Your designer will begin working on the following task after the previous one is complete.

The appealing feature of Design Shifu’s services is that you can select how many open inquiries you want the company to handle concurrently. On their pricing page, there is a drop-down box where you may select the quantity of active requests that you need. This means that whichever package you choose, you may specifically optimize it to meet the needs of your business.

Speed of turnaround

One of the best turnaround times available on the market is provided by Design Shifu. If you purchase one of their more expensive packages, they are one of the only people in the industry to offer even better delivery timeframes. The 48-hour delivery time for the two standard items is respectable. If you buy unlimited packages, you’ll get your designs, albeit, twice as quickly. Therefore, all designs are delivered to plan subscribers within 24 hours.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that this is only an approximate estimate for a simple design. Turnaround times may differ if you want Design Shifu to design a highly difficult piece, like a unique illustration. The 24-48 hour window should be taken into consideration for all designs, though.

Professional Freelance Designers

Although the designers the company hires may be independent contractors, they are not remote workers. Instead of working from their homes, the team members on your projects are based in the offices of the organization. This offers a special level of accountability that independent contractors just cannot.

In addition, Design Shifu goes above and beyond by recommending devoted freelancers to your business. Your jobs will be assigned to some incredibly brilliant designers as soon as you sign up for the service. The committed independent contractors will always be given your task when you post a request. This offers more than simply consistency. Your time is saved in two ways.

First of all, it lessens the amount of changes you will need to request each time. As the same designers work on your project repeatedly over time, they will begin to pick up on your preferences and the number of modifications needed for each project will decrease.

A dedicated project manager is also given to your account by the business, as if that weren’t enough. Throughout your stay with Design Shifu, this manager will collaborate with you with a goal of streamlining the procedure for your company. You can speak with the project manager if you need assistance with any aspect of the design process.

A practical dashboard

It can be very stressful to coordinate several design requests, communicate with the designers, and keep track of all the revisions. It can be confusing because so many other businesses utilize email as their main form of communication. Your phone will ring nonstop from the influx of emails, all of which have numerous distinct variations traveling here and there.

However, Design Shifu simplifies things by allowing you to access everything via a neatly arranged dashboard. You won’t need to go anywhere else to keep track of all your orders, modifications, and communications because this dashboard makes it simple to do so.

Outstanding customer service

One of the nicest traits a customer service team may have is Design Shifu’s lack of holidays. The effectiveness and reactivity of the customer service personnel are the foundation of a business like this. There may be problems with your order. It can be taking longer than the business originally estimated. It’s possible that your packages need to be modified.

You need a highly responsive customer care crew that is constantly there to assist you in all of these situations. The customer service team at Design Shifu is accessible round-the-clock. The finest part is that. Additionally, they are accessible on the weekends. Therefore, it makes no difference if you are unhappy with their services. The support staff is available to assist you.

No agreements or invoices We choose Design Shifu over employing an in-house designer or a freelancer from Fiverr because there are no contracts to be signed. There are no agreements that compel you to participate in a forced collaboration.

What is the price of Design Shifu ?

The monthly pricing of Design Shifu ranges from $99 to $499+. Additionally, they have a Pay Per Request option for only $29. There is only one design included, and this project allows for two changes.

DesignShifu pricing

The price structures offered by Design Shifu are quite distinctive, and they operate in a different manner than their rivals. There are four packages available if you wish to collaborate with this agency. The cheapest option is the $29 Pay Per Request plan. There is only one design included, and this project allows for two changes.

The Monthly Limited plan, which allows only one active request, is the second option. You’ll need to upgrade to the Monthly Unlimited or the Monthly Unlimited Plus if you wish to increase that amount. You can choose the quantity of active requests you want with the $299 and $499 subscriptions. Every additional active request you make with the Monthly Unlimited package will cost $150 more.

Pricing for Monthly Unlimited Requests:

  • $299 – 1 active request/day
  • $549 – 2 active request/day
  • $799 – 3 active request/day
  • $999 – 4 active request/day
  • $1149 – 5 active request/day

Pricing for Monthly Unlimited Plus Requests:

  • $499 – 1 Active request/day
  • $916 – 2 Active request/day
  • $1333 – 3 Active request/day
  • $1666 – 4 Active request/day
  • $1917 – 5 Active request/day

You will be charged $417 for each new request while using the Plus package. Other than that, the only distinction between the pro package and the ordinary unlimited package is that the latter supports GIFs, logos, unique illustrations, landing pages, and presentation decks.

Conclusion : What makes Design Shifu a good choice ?

A amazing tool called Design Shifu allows you to tailor your packaging to your precise needs. And it’s also reasonably priced. Not many other firms in the industry can match the rates they are offering, which are extremely competitive. Therefore, we advise collaborating with Design Shifu. They might potentially relieve you of a lot of your workload, allowing you to concentrate on other important business activities.

Pros of Design Shifu

  • Workplace Diversity: Design Shifu was created with the intention of bringing much-needed diversity to the industry and ending the male-dominated specialty that graphic design had become. The business focuses on girls wishing to enter the design field while creating a safe area for all minorities to work.
  • Excellent Customer Assistance: One of the key reasons we suggest working with Design Shifu is their outstanding customer support. They’re one of the only businesses of its sort to offer 24-hour availability throughout the week.
  • All of the designs you make with Design Shifu are original and were created by talented designers, so you can be sure that they are all genuine. The business does not repurpose previous designs or pre-made templates. Each design is created exclusively for you based on your brief.

Cons of Design Shifu

Without mentioning the drawbacks, a Design Shifu review wouldn’t be complete, would it? Their services do a lot of things well, but there are some areas where they could do better.

Custom Illustrations Can’t Always Be Asked for: Relating to the pricing schemes, the Unlimited Plus package is the only one that includes custom illustrations. Therefore, if you ask for a design with a cheaper membership, the designer will probably just use a picture they found on Google. They’ll let you know, but since your package doesn’t support it, the design might not feel completely unique.

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Design Shifu Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Design Shifu Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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