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In this DesignBuffs review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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Scale-ups and agencies can get pre-screened creative talent on demand with Design Buffs, another design subscription service.
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Many SaaS platforms are available on the market to assist people with their designing needs. The name DesignBuffs is just one more on that long list. There aren’t many businesses, though, built particularly to support B2B sales teams and startups.

Therefore, DesignBuffs may be just the service you need if you fall into one of these groups and wish to modify how your business approaches graphic design.

DesignBuffs accueil

What is DesignBuffs ?

Numerous skilled graphic designers are on hand at DesignBuffs, a SaaS platform, to handle your design needs. The foundation of DesignBuffs’ business strategy is a base package charge that entitles you to an unlimited number of design requests each month.

This platform is especially suggested for people that want to produce beautiful graphics but don’t want to commit to hiring an internal designer or risk hiring an unreliable freelancer. Let’s go over the specifics of what DesignBuffs offers.

The different features of DesignBuffs

The most crucial element is understanding what an infinite graphic design service is capable of. Read this DesignBuffs review to learn more about the services they offer.

Flexible Services

Contrary to another platform of a similar nature, DesignBuffs does not confine you to the packaging. The purpose of the packages is to provide customers with a baseline price for the cost of the service. Additionally, they’re excellent for those who are unsure of whether they want to deal with a creating subscription service.

But once you begin working with DesignBuffs, your firm will expand, and the company gives you the option to let your membership expand along with it. The services offered by DesignBuffs can be scaled to meet your needs. All you have to do is contact the business, and they’ll assist you.

Outstanding customer service

Whether or whether you enjoy the styles the company offers, you’ll appreciate their customer service.

Businesses like DesignBuffs depend solely on the effectiveness of their customer service, and it is clear that great effort has been made to ensure that it is top-notch. They are available 24 hours a day to assist you with any questions.

The best aspect is that, despite the fact that the freelancers are spread out throughout the globe, the customer service team is based in the UK. This might not seem like a big thing, but it takes away the risk of a language barrier and provides you with a support group that can relate to your problems.

Satisfaction Promised

When even the most affordable bundle is more than $800, many people frequently give money-back guarantees. It provides the procedure more consistency and gives you confidence that you can get your money back if DesignBuffs doesn’t pan out.

Within the first 15 days of your plan, you can get a complete refund if you acquired a DesignBuffs membership and believe you are not a good fit to work with the company.

Not only that. DesignBuffs is offering a $75 Amazon gift card as well as a refund to make up for the time you wasted because they are so confident in the quality of the service they deliver. Nothing else will be able to convey to you how excellent they are, or at least how fantastic they believe they are.

Constant Communication

Designing is a two-way process. For anything extraordinary to be produced, the freelancer and the client must be in agreement. DesignBuffs is aware of this and has designed its platform to emphasize communication between clients and freelancers more than usual.

You can fill out all the fields on the requested page with your specific specifications. You can speak directly with each other without a middleman if you missed something or your freelancer has some inquiries.

But if you need assistance from DesignBuffs, they’ll provide you a personal project manager with whom you can discuss anything related to your time on the site.

Speed of turnaround

DesignBuffs’ delivery schedules are somewhat unusual. The business does provide a service that is unique in its category. You can specify the number of hours per day that your designer should dedicate to your project.

This has an immediate impact on your turnaround time, and if you choose anything less than two hours each day, you risk receiving many design requests on the same day.

The complexity of your designs will definitely have an impact on the turnaround time. Even with the 2-hour subscriptions, you can get two graphics every day.

A day may be needed to execute more complicated tasks including site design, animation, and artwork. Therefore, DesignBuffs’ delivery times are truly unmatched.

Worldwide Freelancers’ Team

The fact that DesignBuffs’ staff of independent contractors is spread all throughout the world is one of the finest aspects about working with them. Similar to how you might employ someone from a freelance website, they have engaged experts.

The fact that the business specifically taught them to uphold the standards customers demand makes a difference, though. To make sure they have the talents they say they do, they have undergone thorough screening. Most freelancers work between the hours of 7 AM and 3 PM UK time.

The business is aware that clients can have design demands at other times. Because of this, DesignBuffs also enables you to hire independent contractors who will work according to your timetable. Without designers working in several time zones, this would not be conceivable. In practically every use scenario, DesignBuffs excels above rival products.

Zero contracts

Both in-house and freelance designers have a downside. You are compelled to deal with protracted billing cycles and never-ending contracts by both of them. Although it’s a requirement of the job, you’d prefer to avoid it.

No contracts need to be signed when using DesignBuffs. You make a flat payment with no other obligations. Your payment method won’t be charged again if you decide to cancel your plan at any time.

Assistance to Charities and Nonprofits

You have the opportunity to collaborate with DesignBuffs for no charge if your business or nonprofit organization supports philanthropic causes. You must first complete an application with details about your business.

If approved, DesignBuffs will free-of-charge produce three original designs each month. This only lasts for three months, which is the one drawback. However, it’s still admirable that the business helps philanthropic groups. It’s a good attempt, and we appreciate it.

What is the price of DesignBuffs ?

When it comes to DesignBuffs’ pricing, the service will take a sizable bite out of your pocket. The entry-level Essentials package has a monthly cost of $849. At a fee of $1,499 a month, the Growth package increases this number by a factor of up to four hours.

DesignBuffs pricing

Pricing-wise, DesignBuffs will take a large chunk out of your budget for their services. The entry-level Essentials package has a monthly cost of $849. You receive everything that the business has to offer. The only drawback is that you may only purchase two hours each day of your designer’s time. At a fee of $1,499 a month, the Growth package increases this number by a factor of up to four hours.

The company’s Dedicated Plan is its top-tier plan. You can choose the services in this plan specifically according to your needs, and it is completely customizable. There are options for 2, 4, or 8 hours of design. You also have the further benefit of being able to hand-pick the designers. Additionally, you’ll be directed to the DesignBuffs Slack, where you can access real-time help.

The package’s cost is the sole drawback. It must be paid in three equal installments starting at $2,000 per month. Clients must pay $6,000 over the course of three months. This fee could increase as well depending on the services you choose.

Conclusion : What makes DesignBuffs a good choice ?

One of the best premium service providers is DesignBuffs. The program offers a ton of useful features that are designed especially for users who require a steady stream of visuals every day for a month. However, the cost of the service is rather high. The return on investment, however, will be rather great if you can afford it.

Pros of DesignBuffs

  • Team with Flexibility: DesignBuffs is a service that can be tailored to your needs and is quite versatile. Everything from the layout to the packaging to the turnaround time may be completely customized to meet your requirements.
  • Fantastic Customer Assistance: DesignBuffs offers some of the greatest SaaS customer support you’ll find. They are not only responsive right away, but they are also sympathetic and will make every effort to resolve your issues. The entire support staff is also situated in the United Kingdom, so that eliminates the issue of a language barrier as well because they are all native speakers.
  • Dedicated Project Manager: DesignBuffs operates in a very straightforward manner, making it easier for you to engage with the designers and resolve issues on your own. You can, however, get assistance from your committed project manager if, in the extremely unlikely event, you’re experiencing some issues with the way things are going. Not only will this person resolve your problems, but they may also suggest some workflow adjustments you can make so that DesignBuffs is a regular part of your business operations.

Cons of DesignBuffs

Without mentioning the drawbacks, a DesignBuffs review wouldn’t be complete, right? Their services do a lot of things well, but there are some areas where they could do better.

The platform’s sole significant flaw is its high cost, which not all businesses can afford. The $849 base plan is followed by upgrades that cost well over a thousand.

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DesignBuffs Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
DesignBuffs Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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