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In this DesignCap review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

8.8Expert Score
Streamline Graphic Design
The ease of use of DesignCap allows designers to produce authentic visual content without having to worry about coming up with catchy copy from scratch or experimenting with fresh ideas. Regardless of how poor your design abilities may be, DesignCap can assist you in producing the level of design you desire.
Value for Money
Customer support
Ease of use
  • Accessible file types include JPG, PNG, and PDF.
  • Editor using drag and drop
  • Countless numbers of expertly made templates.
  • Maps, price tables, graphs, icons, and other such components
  • Free plan
  • Lack of live chat support
  • There are more advantageous alternatives
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You will get: Accessible file types include JPG, PNG, and PDF. Editor using drag and drop Countless numbers of expertly made templates. Maps, price tables, graphs, icons, and other such components Free plan

Any marketing strategy must include design because it enhances the clarity and impact of the message. But producing a successful design isn’t always simple; it frequently requires time, money, and resources.

DesignCap can be your best option if you want to make high-quality designs but lack the time or the necessary abilities to do so from scratch. It’s a fantastic option for both beginning and seasoned designers alike because it’s straightforward, simple to use, and has a variety of features that are both attractive and practical.

DesignCap home

What is DesignCap ?

With the help of the convenient and user-friendly design tool DesignCap, customers can quickly and easily produce amazing images for their projects. DesignCap has a user-friendly drag and drop interface that makes it simple and quick for anyone to create visually appealing layouts for presentations, social media posts, charts, and graphs, among other things.

It contains an incredible selection of expert templates that are required for all display purposes, including those in magazines, PowerPoint presentations, and resumes – the possibilities are endless! Simply choose the template that works best for you, then adjust it to your specifications.

The different features of DesignCap

the capacity to produce original concepts
You can choose designs that are tailored to your unique requirements with DesignCap. Whether you require a logo for your project or a new appearance for your social media postings, DesignCap gives you all of your alternatives.


Why not use the data you already have if you like it? By including the graph in any useful item, you may produce a stunning chart or graph with several adjustments and a rapid snapshot of your data!

You can select from the following document kinds for tangibly and visually displaying data: line, column, bar, table, pie, and area charts. They are a great method to add eye-catching graphics to reports and slide presentations.

Pictures and graphics without a watermark

You can locate the ideal image to go with your design in DesignCap’s enormous collection of images and illustrations. The best part is that you can use them all without fear of violating anyone’s copyright because they are all royalty-free.

Several templates

A variety of templates are available from DesignCap for various design requirements. You can choose a template that meets your needs whether you want a straightforward or intricate design.

Convenient interface

Regardless of prior design knowledge, anyone can easily create great visuals with DesignCap’s user-friendly interface. Users may quickly build designs that seem professional thanks to the editor’s drag-and-drop functionality and variety of templates.

Optional Exports

A jpg, png, or pdf image file of your completed design project will be made available for download. Additionally, you have the option of printing it on a printer, emailing it to someone else, or posting it on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Effective editing tools

The editing tools in DesignCap are powerful but simple to use. You can add text, alter colors, and change the size and positioning of items with only a few clicks. To make your drawings stand out, you may also apply unique effects like gradients and shadows.


This tool is made up of numerous modular parts that, when properly joined, can produce coherent single thoughts. Examples include timelines, SWOT charts, photos with text overlays, and icons with text over them.

What is the price of DesignCap ?

There are two paid options available for DesignCap: Basic ($4.99/month) and Plus ($5.99/month). Although neither offers a free trial, you can still benefit from their 7-day money-back guarantee if you decide you don’t want to keep the package within that time frame. There is nothing that would prevent you from doing this.

DesignCap price

Free plan : $0.00

  • Only a few templates
  • Limited options for stock media
  • Uploading 5 pictures
  • 5 designs may be saved.
  • jpeg exports

Basic plan : $4.99 per month (annual subscription)

  • Countless templates
  • Many stock icons
  • Endless modules
  • High-resolution PDF and PNG exports
  • Uploading 100 pictures
  • 100 designs may be saved.

Plus: $5.99 per month (annual subscription)

  • Endless templates
  • Countless stock icons
  • Unending modules
  • High-resolution PDF and PNG exports
  • Put your typefaces online
  • 100 uploads of images
  • 1,000 designs may be saved

Conclusion : What makes DesignCap a good choice ?

Because it contains all the functionality and creative templates you’ll need to complete any design job without stress, DesignCap is the greatest place to turn if you’re looking to produce something digitally (such as charts, graphs, social media creatives, and presentations).

Why spend time concentrating on characteristics that are unimportant to you if a tool contains all you need to finish the task? DesignCap might be the best option if you’re searching for something that lets you design visuals but doesn’t care about anything else.

The free, basic, and plus plans are available. Only example templates and libraries will be accessible through the free plan, thus it’s safe to assume that you’ll want to pay for one of the other two because you’ll have complete access to all the extra features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What program is ideal for designing posters?

DesignCap is a program for creating posters that has numerous distinctive characteristics that enable designers to create great posters quickly.

DesignCap : is it free?

You may develop your designs with DesignCap, a free graphics creation web application, without any prior knowledge.

How do I make use of DesignCap?

  1. Create a free account, and then select the design template you want to utilize.
  2. After choosing a template, you may then alter it by adding your own images, text, and colors.
  3. Download or share your design with others if you are satisfied with it.

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DesignCap Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
DesignCap Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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