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In this DesignEvo review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

8.7Expert Score
An affordable logo maker
In less than 5 minutes, you can alter your logo with DesignEvo's free online editor after choosing a template. The free plan, however, has a number of restrictions.
Value for Money
Customer support
Ease of use
  • Useful and simple to edit
  • Numerous templates
  • A free logo maker is available.
  • Old-fashioned styles
  • Restricted free plan
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You will get: Useful and simple to edit Numerous templates A free logo maker is available.

Is it true that you wish to launch a different company or brand or that you want to update your present social media profile with a new logo?

Did you know that you can create a stunning logo in a matter of minutes without any design experience or expertise? Numerous websites that provide free logo-making tools are readily available.

In order to help you start generating your company’s logo, we will help you today with an exploration of a well-known website that offers a free tool for logo creation.

Let’s go over how to use the free online logo builder provided by DesignEvo to create a professional-looking logo in this post.

DesignEvo home

What is DesignEvo ?

With the help of DesignEvo, a fantastic logo creator, users can create logos for a variety of purposes, including online media accounts, business cards, websites, notebook designs, and much more.

Given that it provides 10,000+ templates for free, DesignEvo has an unimaginable amount of power. To create a logo for your social network profile and give it a fresh new design, we’ll use the free DesignEvo logo builder today.

Making a logo for your social media page is free, which is DesignEvo’s biggest feature. The unrestricted package is perfect for you if you own a small business. Its premium packages are available at a fair price if you want to experience more diversity.

Now let’s get into DesignEvo and create a fantastic logo without further ado.

The different features of DesignEvo

Use your email to sign up for an account on the DesignEvo website. Alternatively, you might use a Google or Facebook account to log into the tool. It is really simple to understand.

Make a logo for your company.

You should now design a logo for your social media profile.

To access the template page for “Make a Free Logo,” click the link. Then you will view over 10,000 logo templates arranged into different categories and styles.

The amazing thing about DesignEvo is that you have access to a vast selection of ready-made templates from which to build your design. In this article, we’ll explain how to create a logo for your social network profile using a template.

1. Decide on a template.

DesignEvo features 1

Choose a logo template first from the abundance of available options. Making a logo with a blank template is an option. Alternately, you might select a logo that is in line with your company’s or your area of interest.

To choose a bodybuilding logo, for instance, enter the word “bodybuilding” in the search bar.

The logo you choose here does not have to be used. You have the option to design your logo using additional features and elements. Next, let’s examine it more closely.

2. Use different elements

DesignEvo features 2

When you have selected the design based on the specifications for your profile image, you may start modifying it.

Every component of the logo can be changed. For instance, you can alter the background color, add an icon, and add text and shapes. Here, you can use your imagination whatever you like.

Modify the picture’s icon

A bodybuilder symbol can be substituted for the image icon in the logo template. You can conduct a similar search for an appropriate icon by selecting the ICON menu from the left side of the screen. Use of any of them is free.

Select the image, then drag & drop the preferred icon onto the one you’ve chosen to replace the default. The icon can be modified by adjusting its size, color, opacity, and other factors.

Make interesting text

You can use various text styles while editing the text by selecting one from the options on the left. You receive access to a large collection of traditional font styles and artistic fonts that you can use for your logo.

3. Save the logo.

DesignEvo features 3

Once you’ve finished editing, you may see how the logo will look on various items including websites, notebooks, building hallways, T-shirts, etc.

Once you’re satisfied with everything, you may download your brand-new logo. Choose a picture format by clicking the Download icon in the right top corner.

What is the price of DesignEvo ?

The cost of the DesignEvo Basic plan is $24.99. This fee must be paid just once. If you require additional features, such as vector files and others, you must purchase the “Plus” plan. You will have to pay $49.99 upfront for this package.

DesignEvo price

Although DesignEvo is available for free, their premium plans offer access to additional capabilities. You can see that downloading fonts or vector files will cost $49.99 if you require copyright ownership.

Conclusion : What makes DesignEvo a good choice ?

The best solution for how to create a logo without spending any money is DesignEvo. It makes designing logos simple and eliminates the need for designers.

Typically, you won’t need a better version because the free packages offer enough of possibilities. If you require a visual tool for designing a logo for your social media presence, DesignEvo can help you create a logo quickly, easily, and for no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How excellent is DesignEvo ?

Although DesignEvo is one of the finest logo makers for beginners, Canva is an excellent visual design tool for users of all ability levels. If you want a brand logo created as soon as feasible, DesignEvo is your best choice.

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DesignEvo Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
DesignEvo Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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