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In this DesignOye review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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Team in charge of managing social media accounts and advertising accounts + Graphic Design
The most complete graphic design service accessible is DesignOye. Employ a qualified graphic designer right away for a one-time, fixed monthly fee that covers an unlimited number of design services.
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  • Handling of advertisements
  • Swift delivery
  • Management of social media
  • Restricted standard plan
  • No branding functionality
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You will get: Handling of advertisements Swift delivery Management of social media

Not every company has the freedom to collaborate with independent contractors. In some circumstances, working with a person might be difficult, and most businesses would rather avoid the trouble of using freelancing websites.

Consequently, DesignOye might undoubtedly be helpful if you’re still looking for a way to outsource your graphic design needs.

What is DesignOye ?

With a one-time payment to the graphic design platform DesignOye, you can access as many designs as you’d like for the duration of a whole month. To assure performance marketing, it provides digital media services.

The software is advised for those who frequently need a lot of designs created each month but find it expensive to engage an internal designer or deal with freelancers online. A fixed monthly cost permits you to perform an infinite number of graphic design requests.


Although DesignOye appears to be more expensive, the platform can help you save a lot of time and money because it employs top-notch designers.

The different features of DesignOye

The most crucial element is understanding what an infinite graphic design service is capable of. Read this DesignOye review to learn more about the services they offer.

Countless Revisions

The platform’s main selling point is unquestionably the infinite revisions. Many people who advertise on websites for freelance work have a cap on the amount of revisions they’ll accept. This makes sense because clients frequently overdo the revisions and modifications, as is clear.

DesignOye features 1

This is bad news for you, the customer, because it’s possible that you’ll receive an incomplete or flawed design as a result of running out of modifications to request.

DesignOye is the ideal place for you to find your graphic designers if you prefer to dive into the specifics of your design and request modifications until the design completely aligns to what you, as a company, put attention to.

Your posts on DesignOye are all eligible for an unlimited number of revisions. Until you are satisfied with the work, you are free to ask your designers questions.

Numerous Designs Each Month

Purchasing DesignOye almost eliminates all the negative aspects of having an internal graphic designer while providing you all the positive aspects. The number of design requests you can post on this site is completely up to you.

DesignOye features 2

The amount of designs you can upload at once is, however, limited on DesignOye, as it is on the majority of similar services. This is only possible with a single standards package. For businesses who are simultaneously generating different designs, this is a major hassle. By offering you quick response times, the organization does, nevertheless, solve many of the issues.

Within 24 hours, we’ll develop and send you each design you post. You’ll typically receive same-day shipping from DesignOye if you pull an Amazon Prime!

Accordingly, you could receive 30 or more designs in a single month. If you include changes in your calculations, this number does decrease slightly. DesignOye, however, guarantees that numerous adjustments will be completed in 24 hours.

Skilled designers

The fact that freelancing services are available to everyone is a significant problem. This indicates that there are users on the platform with a variety of skill levels. When you engage with many freelancers, the quality of the work you receive will vary. Some people might offer you an incredible design on the first try that doesn’t require any changes.

DesignOye features 3

For the highest-quality designs, DesignOye features a number of designers who are among the best in the business.

Others, on the other hand, can need 20 iterations before the design is even close to what you want.

The greatest subscription-based service provider for any creative demand, whether it be for print media, social media posts, or other purposes. In this case, hourly charging is not required. DesignOye’s main selling point is its potent services, which come with paid subscriptions.

This disparity in ability level has an impact on the caliber of your graphics. That is not a problem while using DesignOye. Only the best are employed by the company to work on the platform after a rigorous hiring process.

Working with a graphic designer from DesignOye means that you can be sure that they will adhere to the company’s standards and deliver high-quality work on whatever project you assign them.

Affordable Prices

While the initial investment may seem excessive, hiring a designer for 30 designs over the course of a month would cost far more than what you are currently paying for DesignOye. Additionally, the DesignOye cost is far less expensive per month than competing platforms for graphic creation (we’ll discuss the pricing below). They offer a full suite of services for much less money.

It has a premium plan with a fixed monthly pricing and no additional costs. As a result, you may acquire top-notch designs without worrying about quality.

The platform’s ability to maintain reasonable costs is due to its hiring of outstanding designers from the Philippines and India, which are ranked two and three among the world’s top countries for freelancing, respectively.

Services for Marketing

As a platform for graphic design, DesignOye was first only available. However, the business is now more deeply entrenched in the marketing sector as well. In addition to their services for graphic design, they offer two packages that support both ad campaigns and social media management.

You can even obtain your own team from them if you require it for performance marketing. You can work with a team of experts to manage your business. All that is required is a certain monthly payment, and the agency will pay the team.

For €99, you can get a basic social media management service that includes regular postings every month along with attractive graphics made by designers. Additionally, you can contact with DesignOye staff members every day to discuss your approach and even arrange a Zoom session once a month to speak with someone directly.

A comprehensive audience study, ad copies, the creation of a campaign strategy, and a monthly report detailing all campaign outcomes are all included in the ad campaign package, which starts at €299. Although the services are pricey, DesignOye is an expert in their field, and there is a sizable ROI potential.

What is the price of DesignOye ?

Cost per month for the DesignOye regular plan is €499. If you sign up for a quarterly or annual plan, you can save the most of your money.

DesignOye price 1

Designoye offers three different services, as we have previously mentioned. Let’s find out how much each of these 3 services costs to subscribe to.

Pricing for Countless Graphic Design

DesignOye offers three packages for graphic design: Standard, Smart, and Premium. These bundles cost €369, €569, and €999, respectively, when invoiced monthly. The majority of services required by individuals and companies are included in the Standard package, which is rather simple. They only have application to basic graphic design. DesignOye takes things to the next level with the Smart bundle by integrating logos, app designs, and website designs.

Large organizations would benefit from the Premium plan, which enables simultaneous ordering of two designs and offers the option of a personal account manager. You can get assistance from this account manager with deadlines, design issues, special requests, etc.

Their account management staff has access to endless graphic design materials. It, in contrast to other digital media platforms, includes high-quality designers.

Pricing for Social Media Management

DesignOye price 2

Build, Grow, and Thrive are the three options for social media management. Most of the essential components that a social media plan needs are included in the €499 build package. Ten posts across two social media platforms will be made on your behalf by DesignOye. With Grow, which costs €999, you’ll get 15 posts each month with support for three social media. Animated gifs can also be used to make some sly posts.

With a monthly fee of €1,499, Thrive is DesignOye’s top tier product. The only differences from Grow are the addition of query management and giveaway postings. DesignOye’s query management service allows it to reply to remarks and other communications sent through your social media networks.

Pricing for Ad Platform Management

DesignOye price 3

Ad management is the third service offered by DesignOye. Start-Up, Small Business, and Corporate are the three packages, and they are priced at €299, €499, and €999, respectively. The packages are essentially identical. Only better keyword research, more control over social media, and more monthly optimization hours are being provided. If your business prioritizes client connections, it’s helpful to have the CRM connectivity that comes with the Corporate subscription.

Conclusion : What makes DesignOye a good choice ?

We can confidently finish our DesignOye review by stating that this software is worthwhile. It performs a great deal of tasks correctly while barely making any mistakes. Additionally, it provides a fantastic ROI, which many small firms will want. This is the perfect tool if you require serverless development tools and a long-term contract for design or other services. Your request is the first step in the design process, and the business will recruit independent contractors to work on different projects.

Pros of DesignOye

  • Delivery times are never compromised by DesignOye, despite the fact that they work with thousands of customers just like you. The organization responds to all of your design requirements within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Contract-Free: DesignOye does not impose contractual restrictions on you, in contrast to an internal designer. You can stop using the subscription-based service at any time.
  • Services: DesignOye offers a relatively wide variety of services. Everything from a straightforward logo to t-shirt designs and everything in between is covered by the platform.
  • Assistance: In order to have numerous retainer clients, provide clients with email and zoom support as well. Because of the skilled designers, you can obtain the greatest design for use in social media advertisements or global infrastructure.

Cons of DesignOye

Without mentioning the drawbacks, a DesignOye review wouldn’t be complete, right? Their services do a lot of things well, but there are some areas where they could do better.

  • Repetitive Briefs: Each corporation has its own set of brand rules, including color palettes, that must be adhered to. You’ll continually need to remind your graphic designers of them when using DesignOye. You don’t need to do this consistently because creating brand profiles is an option on other networks. Use another subscription-based designer if this is something you don’t want to do.
  • Limited Standard Package: Start-ups are promoted as being a good fit for DesignOye’s Standard package. Basic elements like logos, website designs, etc. are not included, nevertheless. In other situations, it is also a little bit expensive.

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DesignOye Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
DesignOye Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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