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In this Envato Elements review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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Take advantage of Envato Elements' website's limitless access to more than 5 800 000 products.
Agency, designers, marketers, and other professionals who require items frequently or in significant numbers might consider Envato Elements, a digital asset subscription service.
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  • Includes WordPress Plugins and Themes
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  • Includes EnvatoTuts+ Premium Access
  • More options on their marketplace
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You will get: Includes WordPress Plugins and Themes Daily addition of new items Downloads without limit Includes EnvatoTuts+ Premium Access

Envato Market provides a platform called Envato Elements. Its principal objective is to make a sizable and expanding library of digital assets accessible to artists, designers, and others. When you first visit the Envato Elements website, you’ll notice that there are a ton of WordPress plugins and themes, HTML templates, fonts, graphics, illustrations, photos, audio files, videos, and other materials available. We will outline all that Envato Elements has to offer, along with its advantages and disadvantages, in this review.

EnvatoTuts+, which has over 1,200 eBooks and video courses, is now available to Envato Elements subscribers. Customers can now purchase over 1 million pieces of educational content and digital content with EnvatoTuts+.

Envato Elements Home

One of the largest providers of digital assets online is Envato, which has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. They have a total of seven asset directories:

  • Marketplace for website themes and templates is called ThemeForest.
  • At CodeCanyon, you may get plugins, scripts, and code samples.
  • Templates and films from VideoHive that are free of royalties
  • A service called AudioJungle provides music and audio files without a license fee.
  • A collection of images, icons, typefaces, and logos can be found on GraphicRiver.
  • A vast library of royalty-free stock images may be found on PhotoDune.
  • 3DOcean – 3DOcean offers CG textures and 3D print models.

In recent years, Envato has increased the range of services it provides, including a practical website builder, online training, a freelancer marketplace, and more. Envato Elements has had the biggest impact. It’s referred to as the “Ultimate Creative Asset Subscription.”

What is Envato Elements ?

A subscription-based service called Envato Elements allows artists access to over 2 million digital assets for use in their work. You can pay for the subscription annually or monthly.

Both subscription price tiers include limitless digital downloads. Thanks to a recent change in price, customers who use any subscription (rather than just the annual membership) can now access a variety of the 900+ WordPress plugins and themes offered by Envato Elements.

With this service, you won’t have to worry about download restrictions or credits. This gives you the chance and flexibility to experiment with different visuals, files, and themes before deciding which ones are best for your project.

Digital components from Envato Elements are produced by a vast community of independent designers. With a revenue-sharing strategy, each designer is compensated for their work. The content creators that supply the materials used in Envato Elements receive 50% of the revenue.

Envato Elements is an essential plugin for everyone with a WordPress website. With the aid of this plugin, you may browse the Envato Elements stock photo library from the WordPress admin area and add images to your already-written posts and pages.

The plugin offers more than 80 unique template kits and more than 1,400 page templates. To design your website, you can utilize these kits and templates along with Beaver Builder or Elementor.

Who Is Envato Elements Designed For?

The primary categories listed below are just a few that could gain from this service:

  • Audio producers require sound effects for their tunes.
  • For their blog posts’ accompanying images, bloggers are looking for high-resolution images.
  • Those that own tiny enterprises could gain from pre-made business cards, envelopes, and website designs.
  • For illustrators and graphic designers, more options for typeface, action, brush, and layer styles.
  • Those who want to include audio in their podcasts.
  • For those who make and create t-shirts, starter templates and designs.
  • Vloggers require stock video files and royalty-free video layouts.
  • Website owners, businesses, and independent contractors all need WordPress plugins and themes.
  • For the projects they’re working on, web designers require HTML templates, WordPress themes, and other comparable resources.
  • Anyone who creates or consumes audio and/or visual content should be considered a part of the Envato Elements target market.

The Envato Elements service is a treasure mine for people looking for the perfect image for a blog post or who want to improve workflow efficiency by using a template or starting with presets and actions for specific applications they frequently use.

Users of WordPress websites may find Envato Elements to be quite useful. Due to its incredible selection of WordPress themes and plugins, this service is crucial for bloggers, website owners, freelancers, and anyone that use WordPress.

The different features of Envato Elements

The most crucial aspect of software is knowing what it can do. Learn about the features you’ll receive in our Envato Elements review.

At the time of writing, the following assets were available in Envato Elements’ asset library:

  • WordPress Themes (1,116+) – Business, blogging, e-commerce, portfolio, multi-purpose (see out the best WordPress responsive multipurpose themes), and more.
  • WordPress plugins, including 502+ goods, for forms, email marketing, social networking, and other platforms.
  • Photos (955,551+) – Thousands of royalty-free stock images of high-quality people, objects, food, scenery, and other subjects.
  • Illustrations (over 24,335 items) – There are many objects, sketches, icons, vectors, and backgrounds to choose from.
  • There are many graphic templates accessible, including UI & UX kits, infographics, and product mockup templates (52,716+ items).
  • 2 064 or more add-ons, including presets, actions, layer styles, brushes, and others.
  • Typefaces (6,666+) — Contains decorative, sans-serif, serif, and other fonts.
  • Presentation templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, and other platforms (more than 26,654 items).
  • Templates for web design (2,281+ items) The admin, email, landing page, and web templates are all included in this category.
  • Templates for Drupal, Ghost, Magento, Shopify, and Tumblr are included in the CMS Templates (993+ items) category.
  • A variety of 3D renders (26,174+ pieces) for various objects.
  • Under Stock Video, you can access motion graphics and 616,900+ pieces of stock video.
  • The 16,840+ accessible video templates include titles, broadcast packages, and product promos.
  • Numerous tunes and idents that are available without any royalties.
  • Among the 101,470+ items in the Sound Effects category are sounds from animals, cartoons, video games, and the outdoors.
  • WordPress plugins and themes are now available in Envato Elements. Additionally, there are more than 600,000 royalty-free stock images available.

The material library of Envato Elements is constantly being expanded. Finding exactly what you’re looking for is still really simple despite all of these alternatives. The majority of their top-level categories have sub-categories to help you focus your search. After learning about all the features and advantages, you can easily decide whether Envato Elements is worthwhile or not.

The Envato Elements License: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Regarding licensing, Envato Elements simplifies the process. All assets from Envato Elements that are downloaded are protected by a commercial license. You may find more details about this license here. This permits you to use such assets for both your own work and those of your clients.

The license process is summarized as follows:

There is just one accessible business license.

All goods that might have been utilized in Envato Elements are subject to the same license requirements. Wide-ranging commercial rights are granted to you, allowing you to use items for both professional and private endeavors.

Make a note of everything you use and keep track of it.

You receive a lifetime single-use license when you download anything. An element can be reused by simply re-registering it for a different use in your purchasing section.

Several reasonable restrictions apply:

  • Items cannot be sold or given away again.
  • On-demand services cannot use items.
  • In most circumstances, you cannot use the things you have downloaded as a marketing foundation. For instance, printing an Envato Elements item on a T-shirt is not permitted.
  • You will forfeit your license if you stop using Envato Elements.

If you have paid for membership to the Envato Elements library, you are permitted to use any of the elements in the collection for commercial endeavors. Closing your account will prevent you from downloading any more goods.

On the other hand, any files that you downloaded and registered for a task at the same time before the membership was cancelled may still be used for that work.

What is the price of Envato Elements ?

When you pay annually, the membership fee for Envato Elements is merely $16.50 per month (14.50€ per month in Europe). The price is 29€ per month if you choose to pay that way.

Envato Elements price 1

1.6 million digital goods from Envato Elements and over 500,000 royalty-free stock pictures will be accessible to members in 2021 with an Envato Elements membership. Each membership grants access to online courses and TutsPlus eBooks.

Students who sign up with a student email may receive a 30% membership discount. A 50% discount on an Envato Elements subscription can be obtained for a qualifying charity.

Envato Elements price 2

There aren’t any commitments or agreements in place that are lengthy. You can choose between a yearly and monthly payment schedule, and you can stop at any time. With each membership, an unlimited amount of digital items are available for download. Just remember that only because you downloaded something, you do not automatically own it.

You cannot, for instance, download something and then print it on t-shirts to sell it commercially, nor can you sell anything you’ve downloaded. For additional information on what is allowed and what is not, read the Envato Elements licensing terms.

Envato Elements price 3

Conclusion : What makes Envato Elements a good choice ?

Anyone looking for free or inexpensive WordPress themes, themes, templates, graphics, mockups, and other visual content should consider Envato Elements. When you take into account how many digital resources you have access to, the monthly charge is actually fairly reasonable.

For some users, Envato Elements serves as a one-stop store that offers everything imaginable. You just need to pay $16.50 a month if you acquire an annual membership.

Others may find that a membership to Envato Element is a reasonably priced addition to their previous asset purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Envato elements work well?

All the design resources you need to create stunning websites, landing pages, and other content are available through the membership service Envato Elements.

You may quickly start working on your project with the huge library of graphics, typefaces, movies, icons, themes, and more that Envato Elements has to offer.

Is Envato a reliable source?

Envato is a company we can trust because they have been around for over ten years and offer a variety of helpful products. Additionally, they provide their services to individuals and small businesses in need of assistance with design, marketing, and development.

As a result, we can conclude that they are a reliable business and that their work is of a good caliber.

Is Envato Elements available without charge?

No, not all of Envato Elements’ components are available for free use. An annual or monthly subscription must be purchased. Nonetheless, you can utilize a 7-day Envato Elements free trial.

How do Envato Elements and Envato Marketplace differ from one another?

A subscription-based service called Envato Elements allows you access to a collection of digital assets, including graphics, layouts, fonts, and more. On the other side, the Envato Market is an online store where you can buy specific digital products like Photoshop actions and WordPress themes.

If you require a large range of digital materials for your projects and are okay with paying a monthly subscription cost, Envato Elements is a terrific choice. If you only need a few things and would rather pay for them as you go, Envato Market is a good option.

Do Envato elements remain available once my subscription expires?

Yes! Despite canceling your subscription, you will still have access to all the files you have downloaded while a member and can continue to use the service after it expires.

To new files added to the Envato Elements library, nevertheless, you won’t have access anymore. Also, you won’t be able to get customer service any longer. A free membership with various restrictions will then be applied to your account.

Is Envato Elements Unlimited?

Envato Elements is indeed limitless. You are free to download as many products as you like at any time. There are several caveats, nevertheless, that you should be aware of.

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Envato Elements Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Envato Elements Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
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