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In this Filmora 11 review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

9.4Expert Score
The Top Alternative to iMovie
The use of Filmora 11 is simple, the learning curve is short, and the cost is reasonable. Additionally, they created a ton of courses on YouTube to assist you in mastering video editing and producing works of art.
Value for Money
Customer support
Ease of use
  • Good title and text tools
  • Several overlays and effects
  • Excellent interface
  • Reasonably priced editing programs.
  • Quick rendering during auditions
  • No DVD menu
  • No interface that is touch-friendly exists.
  • No chapter writing
  • Crashing occasionally
  • Few honed effects
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You will get: Good title and text tools Several overlays and effects Excellent interface Reasonably priced editing programs. Quick rendering during auditions

Although using video editing software has many advantages, choosing the correct program is the most important step you must take. The greatest video editing software must assist in transforming the incoming video into a digital format that the computer can comprehend.

With more flexibility and efficiency than traditional video or film editing, this will help you edit the video. In traditional film editing, you would simply copy a video from one tape, paste it on another, and then cut and paste the two together.

Using video editing software, you can drag the symbols diagonally across the screen to shift the video clips from one location to another. Though there is a wide variety of video editing programs available, Wondershare’s Filmora 11 is one of the best and most dependable.

Filmora 11 home

With the help of this amazing and great video editing software, creating videos is now simpler. You can use it to help you export and import video files directly into your computer. You may learn more about Filmora 11 by reading our review.

What is Filmora 11 ?

For users who want to concentrate on editing and producing top-notch videos, Filmora 11 is a specialized video editing program. For 4K videos, the program offers aid with editing. With both audio and video-specific tools, it is a reasonably priced package. It offers customers a wide range of design, video customization, and effect options.

Users of this video editing program have the ability to add text, add audio, create elements and animations, add overlays, and more. It is an ideal tool to have, especially for those who want to include stories, dedications, and homages in their videos.

Using this video editing program, users may also add voice-overs, change the size of their videos, crop them, or make them fit at a particular time. A tilt-shift option is also available to blur out specific portions of the video in order to highlight a particular object.

By rotating or flipping the image, you can change the audio and video. Additionally, there is a choice to eliminate video noise.

The different features of Filmora 11

With its numerous tools and features, Filmora 11 offers a better creative experience. You now have access to a greater range of tools for drawing viewers into video content. Here are a few of Filmore 11’s top features for video editing.

AI Portrait

Filmora 11 features 6

AI Portrait

One of the best features for using artificial intelligence to remove backdrop from human faces is AI Portrait. Additionally, it allows for the addition of AR stickers like “Zombie’s fangs,” “Bunny,” “Cute Cat,” and a whole host of other effects.

This feature, like Auto Reframe, requires a new CPU or an Intel 6th Gen processor with hardware support for machine learning, which is used by this editing program. You must continue making monthly or yearly payments in order to use the AI Portrait function.

Instant mode

Filmora 11 features 3

This brand-new method of working with content was developed to be quicker. Let’s imagine you want to create something amazing and beautiful, but you don’t know where to start. With around 100 ready-to-use templates with special effects, animations, transitions, and overlays, you’ll love having inspiration at your fingertips.

After adding the customized footage to the template, you may use this new option to quickly start creating a professional clip and finish it in five minutes. The imported clip will be used as the basis for a content project in Wondershare Filmora 11’s video editing software, which will also include a variety of haphazard transitions, effects, and overlays.

Stock media

The stock imagery from Unsplash, Pixabay, and GIPHY is another another incredible feature added to the most recent edition of the Filmora video editing tool. This indicates that you now have access to a large selection of films, GIFs, and images that are all free to use.

This video editing program currently offers this remarkable capability. To use in your projects, many of you frequently need some free content. You can now search for and download stock content without using a web browser thanks to Wondershare Filmora 11. This entire tool is included and allows you to reuse downloaded clips in subsequent projects.

Auto Beat Sync

Filmora 11 features 4

Modern auto beat-sync is a really potent technique that enables you to create amazing rhythm-based effects in the material. You may achieve this by automatically matching the soundtrack’s tempo and rhythm with the video clip’s.

To sync music and video using this editing program, all you need to do is import them. Once you know the clip effects you choose to apply during the beat synch, you can identify and say so. You must then click the “Analyze” button and wait while the tool runs the algorithm.

As a result, depending on the song you choose, you’ll receive fantastic and high-quality footage with effects like glow, video wall, blur, and RGB created at certain beat moments. This outstanding function is exclusive to Filmora and is present in the most recent release model.

Speed Ramping

Filmora 11 features 2

filmora speed ramping

This is thought to be among the best and coolest features added to this video editing program. With just a few mouse clicks, you can create a seamless slow motion or fast motion effect in the footage using the motion tracking features of this clever software. You are provided an easily customizable speed ramping curve that you may modify by adding keyframes.

As a result, you can transition faster and accentuate action camera footage or sports game footage, for example. Think of some creative things you could create for skating or diving videos.

Auto Reframe

Filmora 11 features 5

With just a few clicks, the video editing program Filmora 11 enables you to automatically reframe the video clip for various aspect ratios. Thus, you are spared the tedious task of manually cropping or resizing the footage to fit a specific frame size.

This most recent addition is an AI-powered function that does all the work for you. You only need to select your preferred aspect ratio and click the Reframe option. The video clip will be promptly examined by Wondershare Filmora 11’s video editing software and resized to fit the selected frame size.

This is a useful function for content producers that frequently need to distribute content in a variety of aspect ratios on various social media platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube videos or Shorts. Your device or computer must be upgraded to a newer CPU or Intel 6th Generation in order to use this feature.

Split Screen

Filmora 11 features 13

Split Screen

If used concurrently, the video content could appear boring. This new function can be used to create animated photo and video collages. You may also divide the screen into two to six displays thanks to this.

You can create your own clips using this function that can be played simultaneously and include both videos and footage. The split screen symbol is found on the left side of the main menu, and selecting it will accomplish this. The icon for adding music, filters, messages, and video as well as performing some video transitions can be found underneath the other icons.

The split-screen option will appear once you select the split-screen symbol. You can select how many displays you want and put them in whatever sequence you like. You can select anything between two and six screens. Your wants and requirements will determine everything.

The footage you want to utilize can then be selected from the timeline where the footage is located after determining the number of screens required and setting them up how you like. To accomplish this, a split-screen inspector can be seen after dragging the video from the timeline up to the left. With the aid of the split screen inspector, you may change the other footage in a single internet video clip that has sound into a split-screen.

You can also choose the footage you wish to start with using one of the available options. This function is clever, fashionable, and quite helpful when editing video. One of Filmora 11’s best features that you can’t find in any other video editing software is this.

NewBlue FX Feature

Filmora 11 features 8

NewBlue FX Feature

Five collections of NewBlue FX that have been specifically designed for Filmora are now available. When calculating this, Title Pro 7, Video Essentials, Video Stylizer, Video Filters, and Video Elements are all taken into consideration. Every collection includes a large number of professionally created factory-installed presets for user convenience. Take use of more than 100 outstanding effects and more than 500 unique title presets.

With the help of this tool, you may professionally compose, fix, stylize, and title your images in addition to enhancing the colors. The NewBlue FX function can only be utilized while a monthly or annual membership is current, similar to Boris FX. When working with NewBlue FX, a powerful computer is required for the best results.

Automatic Synchronization

Filmora 11 features 9

Automatic Synchronization

Utilize Wondershare Filmora 11’s most recent audio synchronization tool if you want to improve the sound quality and clarity of your video clip.

You can add one or more audio files to a timeline’s separate tracks, and the software will arrange them so that they play in time with the video’s existing audio.

Color Match

Filmora 11 features

filmora color match

Many projects consider numerous videos, and they could have different color tones. You can make use of this function to unify the entire video. To use the color settings from one video clip for another in the video, all you have to do is select the video clip.

You can choose the level of tone match from zero to 100 percent when using this video editing program, which includes filters. This software can be used to make green screen videos.

Preset Templates

Filmora 11 features 10

preset templates

Numerous new preset templates have been incorporated into the Filmora 11 video editing application. By using these templates, you may quickly produce professional-looking footage without devoting a lot of effort to editing.

This video editing program now has templates for How to Paint Intros, Birthday Openers, Game Endscreens, Business Outros, and many more. It is really easy and simple to use these pre-made templates. Simply drag and drop the selected template onto the timeline, then make the necessary changes.

Making stunning outro and intro pieces for the content project is made possible by this fantastic tool. They feature numerous tracks that are neatly and flawlessly placed together. Additionally, they have interesting animations.

Mask and Blend

Filmora 11 features 11

Mask and Blend

Mask and blend, one of the strongest and most potent tools in Wondershare Filmora 11, has been improved. The most recent version of Filmora has numerous improvements that increase the functionality and usefulness of this feature.

You can use this function to create a mask using a variety of images. This helps to increase the masks’ accuracy and precision. Additionally, you get access to a wider selection of masks. There are eighteen blending modes available, including multiply, darken, linear dodge, and many more. This is dependent upon the results you hope to obtain or attain.

You may create effects with the Mask and Blend capabilities, like text reveals, magic tricks, and many others.

Auto Ducking Feature

Filmora 11 features 12

Auto Ducking Feature

When chatting or speaking, this is thought of as a quick technique to reduce the background audio volume. All you need to do is speak over the video, enable audio ducking, and the music will instantaneously come in and go out as you speak.

Boris FX

Filmora 11 features 7

Boris FX

Now that Filmora 11 has been released, it is considerably more comparable to expert and experienced video editors. This helps the visual effects in the Boris FX Continuum pack.

The majority of Continuum Units has been modified for this editing program. In this post-production video effect, stylization, lighting, particles, blur, picture restoration, and artistic looks are all taken into consideration. There are numerous filters as well as many excellent presets.

Filmora is a fantastic tool since it offers a variety of cutting-edge post-production effects called Boris FX that aren’t typically found in other editing programs. Remember that this service requires a membership, and you will be charged either monthly or annually for accessing it. If you make a one-time payment, you cannot access it. To get the best and desired results, you’ll also need a high-speed workstation.

Wondershare Drive

With the help of this function, you may upload to the cloud both the project’s contents and its video clips. If your computer doesn’t have enough disk space, this is useful. Additionally, it is simple to share the work with others.

This software’s success is largely due to its ability to strike a balance between keeping things simple and providing tools and capabilities that the average user would actually use.

They maintain the software’s operation and features while keeping the user interface current, spotless, and organized. The best option for a straightforward and user-friendly video editing program is the Mac and Windows versions of the Filmora 11 editing tool.

What is the price of Filmora 11 ?

Costs for Filmora start at about $70 annually or $117 over its lifespan. Downloading a freemium version of their program will allow you to give it a test run. The amount of updates you will receive determines the primary distinctions between the yearly plan and lifetime plan.

Filmora 11 price 1

You must initially decide between the Mac and Windows versions. Your computer system will determine how the website directs you to the matched plan. Next, there are 4 tabs with various prices. The cost that is most frequently utilized is for individuals, who may be the one you’re looking for. As previously indicated, the cost will be approximately $70 per year or $120 for a single injection throughout the course of your entire life.

Pricing for Teams & Businesses

Filmora 11 price 2

This plan is primarily for small businesses that require company use authorization, multi-user control, adaptable payment methods, and robust technical support. Up to 5 people may be paid for directly, however if you require more than 5 users, you must speak with their sales staff.

Price for education

Filmora 11 price 3

This strategy is exclusively intended for students or educators, as Captain Obvious can attest to! So yeah, Filmora 11 gives education members a significant discount. The lifetime price is only $49.99 for students.

Bundle package (Save more)

Filmora 11 price 4

Conclusion : What makes Filmora 11 a good choice ?

Filmora 11 is a fantastic video editing program that offers a wide range of necessary functionality. It is suitable for both newcomers and experts. With the addition of state-of-the-art features, this most recent edition was enhanced to be more potent.

Right now, there isn’t a cheaper alternative to this software. Even more expensive software doesn’t necessarily offer the same array of fantastic tools and capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Windows 11 allow me to install Filmora?

Yes. With the aid of a recent upgrade, Filmora 11 is currently functional with Windows 11.

The worth of purchasing Filmora 11?

The simplicity of usage of Filmora 11 is its key selling feature. Unlike other video editing programs, this one is one of the easiest to use on the market and was created for both Windows and Mac users. You can learn how to use Filmora 11 without any trouble, even if you’ve never altered a video before.

A large number of features are also included in the software, such as support for 4K video, a library of sound effects, music, and several video clips that are all free to use. Chroma Key, which lets you replace the background of a video clip with an alternative image or video, is also supported by Filmora 11. The greatest option for editing videos is Filmora 11, it follows.

Is it possible to upgrade my existing Filmora to Wondershare Filmora 11?

Yes, by going to the official website, you can update your current version of Filmora to Filmora 11.

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Filmora 11 Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Filmora 11 Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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