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In this Graphics Zoo review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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writing and graphic design services
Unlimited graphic design and writing services are available through Graphics Zoo for $449 per month. They provide unlimited revisions, online graphic design services, and custom graphic design services.
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  • Team access system
  • White-label method
  • Platform that is simple to utilize
  • Writing and graphic design services
  • Costly for motion graphics or Gifs
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You will get: Team access system White-label method Platform that is simple to utilize Writing and graphic design services

Large organizations that frequently switch between graphic designers to meet their needs want something a little more long-term. Something more dependable even than an internal graphic designer and something that can grow continuously with your firm.

If you think you might benefit from this, Graphics Zoo is the best platform for your company.

What is Graphics Zoo ?

A group of business owners who felt they couldn’t keep up with some of their rivals’ design teams founded Graphics Zoo. They also had trouble finding good designers who were also reasonably priced. They made the decision to incorporate graphics designers into their business model as a result, and they released the model to the public as a project management app.

You can choose from an infinite pool of the very finest graphic designers to work for you with the aid of Graphics Zoo. Let’s get into more detail regarding Graphics Zoo’s features.

The different features of Graphics Zoo

The most crucial element is understanding what an infinite graphic design service is capable of. Learn more about what they offer in our Graphics Zoo review.

Easy-to-Use Revisions

Graphic design requires a lot of revisions. Before they produce, your graphic designers are aware of that. They are happy to make modifications for you since they anticipate your request. The problem with asking for adjustments, though, is that you can’t really put the design you desire into words because it’s something you can only see in your imagination.

Therefore, Graphics Zoo invented Interactive Revisions to make revisions simpler. You can specify the changes you want and exactly where you want them with these revisions, allowing you to request accurate modifications with the ideal level of accuracy.

Company Profiles

The primary problem with changing graphic designers frequently is that you continuously have to explain the concept, the vision, and the overall vibe of your work. You find it to be incredibly repetitive. Graphics Zoo enables you to develop a Brand Profile to do away with the need for continual explanation. Your brand’s rules, logos, reference materials, and other materials are all available to your graphic designers in a brand profile. You can save time by doing this since it eliminates the small talk and back and forth dialogues needed to explain your brand rules.

Several User Profiles

There’s a good probability that you’re not the only employee in a company that has to deal with the graphics task. On the same team as you will be teammates who are both bosses and subordinates. They’ll probably also require access to the designers. Fortunately, Graphics Zoo won’t have you pay extra for extra accounts. On your primary account, you can instead create sub-accounts. By simply requesting payment of the app subscription cost once, you can save a ton of money.

The sub-accounts can either have complete, unlimited access to the platform, or you can choose to deny them access. Alternately, you can restrict their use by allowing merely viewing. Additionally, you can allow the accounts to download, comment on, and review your work. For a huge organization with numerous workers working on the same project, Graphics Zoo’s team management feature is very helpful. By going above and above, Graphics Zoo facilitates cooperation. Next, let’s discuss it.


If you think this function is a waste of time, you’ve never hired graphic designers or worked as one yourself. You’re continually naming files “v2,” “v3,” and other variations of the same file since there are numerous variations of it running back and forth. At first, managing it is simple, but as you take on more projects, things start to become more challenging.

Numerous variations of each file are included, and each project features unique designs and color palettes. When you have to show these drawings to other people and get their opinion, it gets messy. With Graphics Zoo, you may stop downloading and transferring files over and over again, greatly simplifying your life. Instead, the platform enables you to establish a shareable link for the design that can be distributed to every team member working on the same project.

Content Creation

At first, Graphics Zoo exclusively provided services for people that needed graphic design. However, the business recently introduced its article writing services. They are producing a wide variety of content, including blogs, yearly reports, and sales materials.

For the majority of the items you’ll need for your advertising needs, Graphics Zoo has actually evolved into a one-stop shop. Similar to the graphic design side of the business, content writing places a strong emphasis on practical feedback and review methods. Separate fees apply to the graphic design and content writing services.

Countless Revisions

The method that Graphics Zoo’s business model has been developed is one of its key selling factors. They think that customers ought to be in complete control of their project and have the freedom to request as many revisions as necessary. Designers might choose to set a cap on the number of revisions a client can request for a given project on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. These limitations were added to increase the value of the designer’s work.

But occasionally, simply because you ran out of revisions, you’ll be left with a poor design that falls short of your expectations. Well, thanks to Graphics Zoo, this is impossible. You have complete freedom on this platform to ask your designers as many questions as you want and to request revisions as often as you need. Graphics Zoo ensures that you receive a product that you are delighted with while without compromising on your needs.

Source Documents

You are granted an infinite number of edits via Graphics Zoo. This does not exclude you from wanting to alter the files yourself, though. To ensure that the file is consistent with the corporate branding, many brands frequently have a member of their team do the final edits. You’ll require access to source files in certain circumstances in order to do so. You must pay extra to deliver the source file to designers from freelance platforms.

Source files are more of a necessity than a luxury, according to the people at Graphics Zoo. Because of this, the source files for all of your projects are attached so that you can edit them anyway you choose. The design will probably be delivered to you as an editable Photoshop or Illustrator file because Graphics Zoo works with the Adobe software suite.

What is the price of Graphics Zoo ?

Monthly prices for Graphics Zoo range from $449 to $999. They provide a 15-day money-back guarantee in addition to yearly payment discounts on subscriptions.

Graphics Zoo pricing

Depending on what you’re looking for, Graphics Zoo offers a variety of packages. They also provide various pricing tiers for content creation and graphic design services.

Three separate package kinds are available for graphic design; they are Business, Business Unlimited, and Agency, with prices ranging from €349 to €849 each. In contrast to the Business Unlimited plan, the Business package has various restrictions on users and brand profiles. The Agency package is designed for people who need a specific collection of services, such as priority revisions, VIP customer support, real-time cooperation, etc.

Pricing for Graphics Zoo writing

Graphics Zoo prix 1

You have two content-related packages to choose from, Starter and Growth, which cost €499 and €949 respectively. Both packages provide the exact same services. However, Growth will let you simultaneously work on two material streams. To double the amount of work produced compared to the Starter Plan, Graphics Zoo will now work on two of your projects at once.

When you collaborate with Graphics Zoo, there is no contract that is signed. This implies that you are free to stop paying at any moment. All goods also come with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Conclusion : What makes Graphics Zoo a good choice ?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Graphics Zoo might be an excellent investment for your business, to sum up. To determine whether this app can help your company become more productive, you must take into account your needs. Even if it’s pricey, the high cost is justified by the high quality of the services provided.

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Graphics Zoo Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Graphics Zoo Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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