Green Pixel Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons

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In this Green Pixel review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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Incredible service for Webflow Graphic Design
Green Pixel is a limitless graphic design agency that specializes in Webflow designs and offers both graphic and web design.
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  • Guaranteed refund for 15 days
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The convenience of Netflix is good. You may purchase a single membership to stream thousands of shows and movies instead of paying for each channel, each show, and each movie separately. That’s inexpensive and greatly improves the utility of your daily streaming.

What if we apply the same principle to something as sophisticated as graphic designing?

That is entirely feasible given the large number of businesses that now provide platforms with monthly subscriptions that enable consumers to pay a one-time charge and receive unlimited graphic design services for a month. So, by using an app like Green Pixel, you’re essentially purchasing the Netflix of graphic design rather than using independent contractors.

Green Pixel accueil

What is Green Pixel ?

As previously mentioned, Green Pixel is a SaaS with several subscription plans. With the purchase of a package, Green Pixel offers an infinite number of revisions. Although there are some restrictions, it is still possible to purchase 30 or more designs for a small fraction of what hiring a freelancer to complete the same number of designs would cost.

As a result, the app has enormous potential for both small businesses and established corporations, and it may become their one and only stop for all of their designing requirements. Detailed discussion of Green Pixel’s features will now follow.

The different features of Green Pixel

The most crucial element is understanding what an infinite graphic design service is capable of. Read this Green Pixel review to learn more about the services they offer.

Countless Revisions

The one industry that requires reforms is graphic design. Numerous modifications are anticipated by the designers. However, this resulted in a large number of customers misusing the revision mechanism. That may or may not be a good thing. You should receive the service you paid for since you paid for it.

Freelancing sites, on the other hand, protect their sellers by capping the amount of modifications a client may request. In other words, there is a potential that if you hire a designer from Fiverr or Upwork, you may receive visuals that you don’t like simply because you ran out of revisions to request.

That is a major annoyance that makes it difficult for most people to find freelance designers.

A website like Green Pixel might be quite beneficial for your business in this situation. On every project you submit, the platform offers limitless changes. So, you can request as many adjustments as you’d like until you’re happy with the finished product.

Additionally, the designers at Green Pixel are incredibly understanding and will collaborate with you to produce a flawless product.

Website Flow Services

Work on Webflow is one of the company’s primary services. If you’re not familiar with Webflow, it’s a platform that doesn’t require any coding and enables non-technical staff to produce beautiful websites.

With their extensive Webflow knowledge, Green Pixel has created several outstanding websites in the recent years. Here is a list of all the Webflow services they offer.

  • Website development should never take months, despite the complexity of websites. One of the fastest Webflow services on the market is offered by Green Pixel. Within a few days, they’ll have something distinctively crafted!
  • Rapid prototyping: Do A/B tests in real-time to determine exactly how designs will appear at runtime? Prototyping services are available from Green Pixel so you may test-drive your website while it’s still in the design stage.
  • Designing landing pages is essential for your website because they are one of its most important components. It is the page that guides a visitor through the complete sales process and encourages them to make a purchase. You’ll lose a ton of clients if that website is visually unappealing and fails to convince the customer that you’re the business they should be purchasing from. You can create eye-catching landing pages with Green Pixel that are more than sufficient to turn prospective leads into paying clients.

Professional Designer

Every business owner is aware of the time and financial expenditures involved in hiring a new employee. With freelancing, you’ll work with a different person every week.

Due to the lack of contracts and the need for specialized training for the employees you hire, this isn’t a huge problem.

They’re aware of what to do already. You’ll waste a lot of time describing what has to be done, though, which will add to the overall amount of time required.

The freelancer’s lack of training is not the main problem. The issue is that they are unaware of your specific preferences and brand standards. Briefing them will take a considerable amount of time.

The draft they send you after it is finished won’t even come close to meeting your needs. To make it comply with your company’s policies, you’ll need to request numerous tweaks and modifications.

You can save a ton of time by using Green Pixel. Your first day of employment with the organization will be spent working with a specific designer.

Your work will thereafter be directed to your assigned designer alone every time you post a design request. This speeds up the design process and lowers the amount of changes needed for each subsequent job.

Utilizing Professionals

The fact that you are collaborating with Green Pixel as a business rather than a single freelancer is its strongest feature. You must also deal with the personal issues of the person you engage through a freelance website.

If your order is delayed, it could be because they are ill, busy, or for another reason entirely. But Green Pixel doesn’t have a problem with this. If your specialized designer is not available, another equally talented freelancer will be allocated to your project.

Additionally, Green Pixel guarantees that you only receive work from the top 2% of online designers. The business uses a detailed screening procedure to assist them choose the best freelancers they can.

Each designer employed by Green Pixel has also undergone a number of test jobs to ensure that they possess the qualifications needed to collaborate with prestigious clientele like yourself.

Easy-to-use add-ons

To make things easier for its customers, Green Pixel has already shortened its process. Their incredible add-ons, though, can help you make the experience even more practical. The support for Slack is the first add-on that we think is particularly excellent.

When using the Green Pixel app to collaborate with a designer, there is a certain communication barrier that you must overcome. You can address that by switching to Slack and working one-on-one with your freelancer there instead of having the business cut you off in the middle of your conversation.

Green Pixel also allows you to make a social media video, which is fantastic for content producers.

Green Pixel can create unique illustrations for your business as well. Since other competitors provide this with their regular packages rather than as an add-on, we won’t really recommend this add-on that highly.

Although it is an addition, the Webflow service has already been covered since it is a crucial component of Green Pixel.

What is the price of Green Pixel ?

You must pay €6 080/month for the Green Pixel Full Stack design bundle. However, you can also locate your flexible plan if you don’t require that bundle or if you think it is too heavy.


Green Pixel pricing

The Core and Pro packages are both included in the Green Pixel price. The plan they’ve created for small enterprises, called Core, costs €389 a month. The majority of Green Pixel’s fundamental designing services are included in it.

You may access calls with designers, landing page, presentation, and logo designs, as well as priority customer support, with the Pro packages, which also include everything in the Core packages. €879 is the price. In reality, the third bundle isn’t a stand-alone strategy. It is a combination of the Pro package and Webflow services. The total price is €1,999.

Additional fees apply for the Slack, Social Media Video, and Custom Illustration add-ons. Slack is priced at $249, while bespoke graphics and social media videos are each $499 each.

Conclusion : What makes Green Pixel a good choice ?

Therefore, is Green Pixel a worthwhile investment? Undoubtedly. There isn’t much to deter customers from using the platform, which is among the best SaaS of its sort. They simply engage in some deceptive advertising, and that’s it. Other than that, Green Pixel is a great investment that will greatly increase the output of your marketing and sales teams.

Pros of Green Pixel

  • Green Pixel is a significant investment, thus businesses are entitled to have doubts about the product they are purchasing. Green Pixel offers a money-back guarantee so that customers can feel secure in their purchase. If you decide that purchasing Green Pixel was a mistake, you have 15 days to request a complete refund.
  • Quick Turnarounds: Green Pixel values completing your requests quickly! The average delivery time for your orders is 48 hours.
  • Designers on Staff: Unlike their rivals, Green Pixel’s designers do not engage in remote work. They are all employed by the business, which now has operations in Georgia and Latvia, and it has aspirations to grow.

Cons of Green Pixel

Without mentioning the drawbacks, a Green Pixel review wouldn’t be complete, would it? Their services do a lot of things well, but there are some areas where they could do better.

The platform’s key selling feature is its ability to accommodate unlimited design requirements, which may be a deceptive advertisement. But infinite doesn’t necessarily equal limitless. Within one month, you are allowed to order as many designs as you like. One of your jobs will, however, only be worked on at a time by the team. Their website doesn’t explicitly state this, though. You’ll need to search their FAQ area for it.

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Green Pixel Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Green Pixel Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons

1 720.00 

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