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In this Limitless Designs review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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Most affordable services for unlimited graphic design
Unlimited design options are available with Limitless Designs, a monthly flat-fee graphic design service. Send in an endless amount of small design assignments, and your dedicated designer will handle the rest.
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On the market, there are numerous monthly subscriptions for graphic design. Most of them have the flaw of making the procedure way too complicated. In comparison to monthly design subscriptions, freelancing websites provide a more user-friendly approach for getting your designs done. This makes them better.

However, Limitless Designs is a fantastic website to assist you if you’re seeking for a straightforward and simple-to-use graphic design program and wish to conveniently get all your designs done. Let’s examine Limitless Designs in more detail and discover what makes it unique.

What is Limitless Designs ?

Expert graphic designers are at your disposal thanks to Limitless Designs, a monthly subscription-based service. The simplicity with which their website can be used is Limitless Designs’ best feature. In addition, neither in-house designers nor independent contractors will be required because of the way the website is set up. The entire feature list for Limitless Designs is provided below.

Limitless Design home

The different features of Limitless Designs

The most crucial element is understanding what an infinite graphic design service is capable of. Find out what they offer in our Limitless Designs review.

Skilled Freelancers

When you work with a freelancer, it’s impossible to know how skilled they are at what they do until you actually use their service. You, the client, have no way of knowing whether the designer is as skilled as they claim to be because portfolios and work experience (especially for remote work) may always be fabricated.

The main reason why individuals prefer to work with companies like Limitless Designs is because of this significant disadvantage of freelancing websites on the internet. The individuals employed by this business are chosen via a thorough screening process to confirm their level of expertise and guarantee they can provide consumers like you with high-quality services.

Additionally, these designers are required to adhere to the directions and standards established by Limitless Designs. Given the outstanding designers employed by this organization, a subpar draft is nearly unheard of.

Constant Designers

We have already discussed how Limitless Designs addresses some of the issues people encounter when dealing with independent contractors.

But the platform also addresses the problems users have with other subscription-based visual providers. Your brand identity and the designers you typically work with are unknown to them. They are completely unaware of the impression your business name is meant to convey. That is a major problem.

However, if you invest a few hours, you can likely provide a designer with all the information they require to ensure that the design is consistent with your brand image.

But when you have to perform this frequently each day, the true issue arises. Big businesses include Limitless Designs. They employ hundreds of independent contractors who each month serve tens of thousands of customers. They are unable to recall the instructions given to them by a certain client.

To address this issue, Limitless Designs designates a specialized graphic artist to focus solely on the designs for your business. When you join up with the business, a designer will be assigned to you, and they will work with you throughout the subscription period.

One explanation of your brand identity will be sufficient, and subsequent projects can build on it. Although this feature might not seem like much, it will help you save hours every day.

Unrestricted changes

We just explained that working with Limitless Designs means you can never expect to obtain subpar designs.

But that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get flawless drafts the first time. The practice of graphic design is founded on the idea of revisions and alterations. Your designer is prepared to make modifications if you aren’t pleased with the initial draft since they anticipate that you won’t be.

For this reason, Limitless Designs gives you the choice to get as many changes as you want. It doesn’t matter how many alterations to the design you require. Your devoted designer will carefully consider each of your requests and complete them as quickly as possible!

Simple Technique

Working with a subscription-based designing service is made incredibly easy by Limitless Designs, as we’ve already explained. Let’s discuss their method of operation.

Simple steps are required to publish a request. Just contact to get started. The necessary brief and other pertinent materials, including your logo, will be included in this email.

Additionally, you can add any illustrations and samples the designer needs to follow. Your task will be allocated to your specialized designer as soon as the company receives this email. It is that simple.

You’ll get a Dropbox link with the files after the design is finished and passes the company’s internal QA. You won’t need to bother asking for the source file separately because it will already be present in the Dropbox folder.

Simply reply to the email with your remarks if you need any modifications to be made, and your designer will make them in less than a day.

Multiple user accounts are not supported at this time by Limitless Designs. The only person authorized to make a request using the email associated with your account is you, if you are the owner of the LD subscription.

However, you could use a company email and grant access to any relevant employee, enabling them to submit requests as well.

They will only work on one of your designs at a time, so keep that in mind. The business will simply put numerous designs in a queue and wait for the earlier ones to finish if you submit multiple designs.

No Commitments

Limitless Designs doesn’t commit you to a contract, unlike the majority of graphic design firms and in-house designers. Other organizations typically do this merely so they can continue to bill you even after you’ve cancelled your subscription. No more money is being spent when using LD.

When you click the cancel button, all communication between the business and your bank is terminated, and no additional charges will be applied to your account. If you decide that the business is no longer a good fit for your needs, you can cancel at any time.

Outstanding customer service

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with Limitless Designs’ customer service, to name one thing. You must finish jobs and release new ones as quickly as you can if you want to make the most of a subscription-based business that offers you endless designs one at a time.

You are squandering money if you are experiencing problems and must wait for customer service to respond. Limitless Designs work to prevent that from happening. Seven days a week, they offer support.

Either send them an email using the contact form on their website, or leave a note on one of their social media pages.

What is the price of Limitless Designs ?

Small businesses who only need a few designs each month should choose the Starter package. There are a maximum of four design requests allowed each month for the $179 package. The same services are included in the Unlimited package.

Limitless Design price

Limitless Designs’ price is specialized to benefit small enterprises, unlike some other services of a similar nature. Starter and Unlimited are the options.

Small businesses who only need a few designs each month should choose the Starter package. There are a maximum of four design requests allowed each month for the $179 package. The same services are included in the Unlimited package. You may submit an unlimited amount of design requests, though. It is suitable for people or businesses that require new designs on a regular basis.

You can hire Limitless Designs for $49 to create a single design with one revision if you just need it once. Additionally, Limitless Designs offers you the chance to experience the service risk-free for a period of 14 days.

Conclusion : What makes Limitless Designs a good choice ?

In conclusion, Limitless Designs is among the best investments you can make for your graphic design needs. It eliminates all the drawbacks associated with working with in-house designers and freelance websites and combines their greatest features.

With everything taken into account, Limitless Designs is a strong contender for the top market-available subscription-based graphic design service.

Pros of Limitless Designs

  • Designer vetting: Limitless Designs employees have proven themselves to be highly talented professionals. The business has a meticulous hiring procedure and puts its staff through several skill-based assessments to make sure they are qualified to deliver top-notch content for customers.
  • There are few places better than Limitless Designs if you want to make sure you know exactly how much you’re paying. You won’t be charged any additional fees over the agreed-upon flat rate.
  • Strong Service: Having strong customer support is usually a plus. Good customer service, however, makes your money worthwhile when you work with a firm whose success is totally dependent upon the responsiveness of its staff.

Cons of Limitless Designs

Without the drawbacks, a Limitless Designs review wouldn’t be complete, would it? Their services do a lot of things well, but there are some areas where they could do better.

  • Single Dedicated Designer: Having a single person working solely on your designs is wonderful. However, you probably won’t obtain your favourite designer if you need your designs created quickly or over the weekend. Instead, whoever is available at that time will get the job of creating your graphics at the company.
  • Not Suitable for Large Organizations: Limitless Designs is probably not the best choice if you’re a larger organization seeking assistance with managing graphic design. Their programs are only suitable for small businesses with a limited amount of work to complete. They probably only needed to add a package that focused on conglomerates to solve this problem, but there isn’t one.

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Limitless Designs Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Limitless Designs Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
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