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In this ManyPixels review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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Most effective unlimited graphic design service
ManyPixels is made for people who frequently need top-notch graphic design but do not need a full-time in-house graphic designer.
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  • Whitelabel
  • Scalable and reasonably priced
  • Quick deliveries
  • Guaranteed turnaround time of 24 hours
  • No other services (video, writing, etc.) were offered
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You will get: Whitelabel Scalable and reasonably priced Quick deliveries Guaranteed turnaround time of 24 hours

Companies can save a lot of money by using freelancers. Without making any effort at all, you can simply outsource a job once it is in place for a small fraction of the cost you are currently paying and receive exceptional quality work. Freelance employment was a common practice in companies before the pandemic, but it reached its peak afterwards.

Employers were looking for remote workers at a reasonable price. The best solution was to be self-employed. This is how several well-known companies started using freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. However, a company that frequently needs design services faces a number of problems when using freelance websites. These problems are the focus of ManyPixels, which is a fantastic substitute for traditional freelancing techniques.

What is ManyPixels ?

With the ManyPixels monthly subscription service, you can order as many graphic design requests as you want for a fixed monthly fee, with no restrictions on the number of requests you can order at one time. ManyPixels business strategy is centered on a fixed price. You can order as many designs as you want during a month if you are a registered user of the application.

The different features of ManyPixels

The most crucial element is to understand what an infinite graphic design service is capable of. Read this ManyPixels review to learn more about the services they offer.

Endless requests

Since ManyPixels is a subscription-based company, once you start using it, you can get as many graphics as you want for that particular month. The only restriction in this situation is that you can only be assigned one graphic designer at a time to work on a project. You can assign new tasks once the current project has been marked as complete.

ManyPixels fonctionnalites 1

While the mechanism ManyPixels uses to evaluate requests is fairly simple, it does the job. Your pending requests are reviewed in the morning by the company’s project manager, who then provides you with a rough estimate of when the job will be completed. Another benefit, which we’ll talk about later, is the order turnaround time.

In order to keep track of activities, they use project management software. However, if you feel that working with one designer on one project at a time is not enough, you can contact the organization and discuss a customized plan designed for your business.

No additional fees

The prices charged on freelancing sites rarely remain constant. If you work with someone from these sites, you might have to put up with sporadic price increases, extra charges for changes, adding a few dollars to the purchase just to get delivered sooner, etc. This will not be a problem with ManyPixels.

You won’t have to pay any additional fees after you pay the subscription price for the service. Within the budget you have previously set, we will respond to all your requests, adjustments, queries and deliveries. This allows you to quickly allocate a monthly budget for your visual needs and helps you get rid of recurring billing and hourly rates.

Moreover, no contract is required to use ManyPixels. Unlike working with an in-house designer, you are not bound to use the service for a specific period. So you can end your subscription at any time if you start to feel that the organization is not really helping you achieve your design goals.

Experienced Designers

Another major cause of anxiety when working with a freelancer is the lack of a method to confirm their level of expertise. It’s true that portfolios exist, but there’s no way to be sure that the person you’re talking to actually created those designs. In this situation, working with ManyPixels is really safe.

The people who create your designs have gone through a rigorous selection process to separate the best talent from the rest. The best freelance designers in the design industry are the in-house designers that are chosen and assigned to your mission.

They are able to respond to client briefs and produce work that is consistent with your company’s personality and create brand profiles.

Unlimited revisions

In line with the previous argument, hiring a talented designer does not guarantee that the final product will be flawless the first time. ManyPixels guarantees imaginative and aesthetically pleasing graphics for every project. However, in most cases, the design may need to be modified slightly to fit your brand’s requirements.

ManyPixels fonctionnalites 2

By allowing you to request as many changes as you want, ManyPixels offers you the highest level of support in such circumstances. It doesn’t matter how often you ask the designer to change the font or the color scheme. Without any objection, he will do it.

Time-efficient turnaround

We have seen that the number of contractors the company can assign to your tasks is limited to one freelancer. This is a major drawback, especially if you have a lot of work coming in every day.

But ManyPixels has incredibly fast response times compared to other similar providers. They have more than enough capacity to produce many designs each day. In order to maintain the daily production listed on the website, they are also very tight.

Naturally, the complexity of your project and the number of changes you want from the designer will have a significant impact on how quickly you receive your finished product. However, the company normally strives to respond to all outstanding requests within 24 hours of receipt.

Various Design Requests

ManyPixels is a popular service, but there are many others that have a critical flaw. This is that they don’t allow you to request as many different designs from your freelancers. Basic poster design, a few cover photos, simple logos, etc. are usually the only things included in the basic plans of these companies.

ManyPixels is aware that your needs can sometimes be a bit more complex than that. We use professional and competent project managers. They take care of everything.

ManyPixels fonctionnalites 3 ManyPixels fonctionnalites 4

For this reason, the organization employs a large number of writers who represent each distinct branch of the design industry. For the creation of logos, web/app user interfaces, e-books, brochures, GIFs, flyers and social media banners and graphics, you have designers on staff. All ten types of graphics are part of the company’s offering and are included in packages for small businesses.

What is the price of ManyPixels ?

Let’s talk about the ManyPixels pricing structure when we finish talking about packages. The four service plans are called Advanced, Business, and Dedicated Designer. They are priced monthly at 549€, 899€, and 1 199€, respectively.


The Essentials package includes the majority of the features. All of these things are included with Essentials, including unlimited requests, revisions, branding, stock assets and source files. Illustrations, site design, social media graphics, and even PowerPoint slides are among the more extensive services you can get with Advanced. However, either of these packages only allow for one design per day. If you want to double your output, you’ll need to sign up for the Business package, which also includes priority support.

In addition, ManyPixels offers a 15-minute demo during which you can try out its services at no charge. However, if any problems arise after your payment, you have a 14-day money back guarantee, so you can get your money back.

Conclusion : What makes ManyPixels a good choice ?

As a result, our recommendation for your graphic design work is ManyPixels. The ManyPixels pricing structure is reasonable and they offer excellent services. In addition to offering a wider selection of patterns, they are less expensive than some of their rivals.

To ensure that the purchase is worthwhile, you should consider how much work you can generate for ManyPixels. You should probably consider employing freelancers yourself if your organization doesn’t produce more than 30 designs each month to keep the staff at this platform busy.


  • You may still need to make last-minute modifications to the source files despite the freelancers’ unlimited promise of revisions. For this reason, Every project request you make to ManyPixels includes the source files.
  • You are not just purchasing the graphics with ManyPixels; you have full creative ownership. In addition, you are buying the rights to the content they are creating. Any ownership rights in the design are transferred to you by the company as soon as the work is delivered. Without risk of legal penalties, you are free to share, use, and change the content as you see fit.
  • Dedicated Freelancers: It takes time to describe your company to someone else and the brand identity you’re trying to convey. An independent contractor is someone who needs this information to create something that your business can claim as its own. ManyPixels greatly simplifies your task in this regard. The company hires a freelancer specifically for your company. Every time you submit a request on the site, the freelancer who is already familiar with your business, the specifics of your brand, and your preferences will handle your work.
  • 24-Hour Guarantee: ManyPixels’ turnaround time and commitment to meeting deadlines are two of the key reasons we endorse them. The company takes pride in being among the most dependable monthly design subscription services available, and it provides all of your designs within 24 hours of your submission.


Without mentioning the drawbacks, it wouldn’t be a thorough evaluation of ManyPixels. There are many things about their services that are excellent, but there are also areas where they can make improvements.

Bespoke illustrations that are delayed: The company does let you know that because complicated custom graphics require time to prepare, they are not covered by the 24-hour delivery promise. They clearly overestimate delivery timeframes when they affix them to pictures, though. If you require graphics immediately, ManyPixels is not the place to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of designs may I ask for?

Anything! You did indeed hear it. They can create it if you can describe what you want or show them what you want. The brand strategist will work with you over several meetings to determine the best course of action if you’re confused.

Is the design property mine?

Absolutely, once it is delivered to you, you will own it.

Why is there a 14-day money-back guarantee?

In the first 14 days after you subscribe, they will return your money. There won’t be any inquiries made.

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ManyPixels Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
ManyPixels Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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