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In this Motion Ridge review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

7.6Expert Score
Obtain unrestricted use of more than 5,000 assets
There is no limit to the number of royalty-free audio and video templates that can be downloaded, including motion graphics, openers, backdrops, and product promos.
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  • Affordable
  • Free plan
  • Downloads without limit
  • Daily addition of new items
  • No response from the contact page
  • Lack of stock images
  • Limited selection
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You will get: Affordable Free plan Downloads without limit Daily addition of new items

Motion Ridge is a service made available by Vooaxis. It is an expanding collection of digital assets that may be used by designers, artists, and a variety of other experts. The choices for material include video themes, stock video, music, images, and add-ons.

This service’s features, advantages, and disadvantages will all be covered in our Motion Ridge review.

Motion Ridge home

What is Motion Ridge?

A endless number of digital files are available for download from Motion Ridge. Most items that are available for download can be used in business-related applications.

On some items, it may say, “Editorial use only, not for commercial usage.” Editorial use may be made of these particular pieces. This group includes assets with recognizable names, locations, or personalities.

Users that subscribe to Motion Ridge’s paid service get unlimited access to their marketplace. As long as a member has a current paid membership, they are permitted to download an unlimited amount of items and use them in projects. Downloads are not permitted to be used in new projects after a paid subscription has been cancelled.

The different features of Motion Ridge

The right to use Motion Ridge’s resources in both professional and private endeavors is sold as a license. Project assets are permanently covered by a full, basic use license.

Only one project may be utilized at a time with a given license. You must download the item again if you wish to use it in multiple projects. Relicensed products can also be used for a different project.

You won’t be able to use any of Motion Ridge’s products once you have terminated your subscription to their service. All products created while your membership was in effect will be in possession of a legitimate license.

The following restrictions apply to how you can use all the digital assets:

  • Reselling or distributing items is not permitted.
  • Items are not applicable to on-demand services.
  • Music components are prohibited in broadcasts.

Upon purchasing Motion Ridge, what will you receive?

Currently, 4700 assets are available. They have a library with video templates, general video, and stock audio:

  • After Effects categories include, for instance, openers, infographics, video displays, elements, titles, and broadcast packages for promoting products.
  • Premiere Pro – This category includes MOGRT and Premiere Pro templates.
  • Motion graphics encompass a variety of different types, such as backgrounds, random elements, overlays, transitions, and infographics.
  • Music – This category includes genres including ambient, children’s, cinematic, classical, corporate, country, electronica, folk, and others.
  • Button and menu sounds, carton noises, household noises, futuristic, video game, human, industrial, and urban sounds are only a few of the subcategories within the topic of sound effects.
  • The Add-ons area contains presets for Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Sadly, there are currently few options in terms of categories, and some are empty. The majority of the materials consist of sound effects, music, and after effects. Few images and motion graphics are present.

User experiences

Motion Ridge keeps things simple throughout the whole user experience. You may view the collection without registering. To find out if it satisfies your needs, you can explore the area and discover what it has to offer. If you find anything you like, register and start downloading.

You can select a monthly or yearly membership once you’ve created an account. The free plan for Motion Ridge currently only offers 5 items.

There is always the option to preview an asset before downloading it. Once you’ve found a product you want to use, you can select the option to download it to access files.

The information that users have downloaded will be contained in a zip file. The necessary files can be opened and extracted using the right program.

To get the specific items you require, you may have to spend a lot of time searching through all of the resources available. Users may now find information more quickly because to Motion Ridge.

You can find goods faster by using categories and filters. A search box and a menu containing all of the pages’ accessible sections will appear at the top of each page. The appropriate item categories and subcategories can be seen by moving your mouse over the menu bar options. From any page on the website, you can access this menu page.

The filters that are available will show up on your page’s left side once you’ve selected a category. Your search results may be filtered by similar tags or subcategories.

For instance, the Music category has filters for vocalists, tempo, duration, subcategories, and other things. Having effective filtering abilities is essential when you have several possibilities.

The site’s search box is visible at the top and could be useful. You may view every one of your preferences, collections, and downloads under the My Account section.

The ultimate guide of how to become a Ridge Author

With Ridge, you can share your work while earning money. We only accept authors with writing expertise. Ridge lets you sell your digital assets, giving you a new source of revenue. The net income is divided between the platform and the authors. 60% of an author’s monthly net income comes from subscriptions. The amount of downloads for each item determines the author’s profits.

Items can be delivered without the requirement for any complicated licenses. You’ll be able to concentrate on creating digital items as a result. The marketing of the products, client assistance, and other issues that arise after the sale will be handled by Motion Ridge. Only knowledgeable contributors are permitted to submit items.

You must submit five excellent things together with links to your earlier work before you can become an author. Each product must adhere to strict quality standards.

You have the option to apply to become an author after submitting your products. The provision of multiple or a single marketplace URL is optional.

What is the price of Motion Ridge ?

There are three different price ranges available at Motion Ridge. Particularly, the Basic plan is cost-free and offers very little customer support. The only available items under this plan are files that can be downloaded for free and used solely for personal projects.

Motion Ridge pricing

There are three different price ranges available at Motion Ridge. Particularly limited customer support is included with the Basic plan, which is cost-free. The only available items under this plan are files that can be downloaded for free and used solely for personal projects. Cost for a monthly plan is $9.99. It can be utilized in commercial applications and has an endless number of downloads. You might have the same advantages as the monthly plan for $99.99 annually. Both monthly and annual subscriptions come with customer service. Within two weeks of the purchase date, you may be eligible for a refund if you haven’t downloaded any Motion Ridge products.

Conclusion : What makes Motion Ridge a good choice ?

You can select from a wide variety of images and assets. The majority of these sources come from for-profit websites and public repositories. Every option offers a unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

With few high-quality resources or many low-quality resources, small enterprises and individuals may opt for free alternatives.

Stock images are common on many websites since the best content from free archives is frequently used. A wider selection of high-quality goods is frequently offered by commercial suppliers like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. The main drawback is the increased cost of purchasing from them.

New on the market is a product called Motion Ridge. In between the free and paid options, it lies. Most of their competitors have relatively limited membership choices or charge per-item prices. Long-term costs could be high if you purchase products while having a finite number of downloads available to you.

Customers of Ridge have unrestricted download access. They keep adding books to their library even though it is still very new.

If you need video designs, sound effects, or music, Motion Ridge offers a wide range of possibilities. For instance, if you require stock photos, it is advisable to use a company or platform that specializes in providing stock photos.

Some of the best Ridge substitutes include Envato Elements and One by Template Monster.

There are several digital resources available on the Motion Ridge website. Numerous stock openers, titles, motion graphics, backdrops, product promos, short videos, various video templates, and music are available.

They are still quite young, thus their collection isn’t that large. However, they regularly add new products to their website.

There could be a few incomplete Ridge Motion pages that you encounter. You will be directed to a page with an error notice if you click on the links for the support forum, terms, or contact information since those pages are currently being worked on.

Motion Ridge has the significant benefit of allowing unlimited downloads while you are a paid member.

If you have a valid license, you may use things in your projects. As is the case with any comparable website, all of their resources are available to all users, so don’t be surprised if you start to see your rival companies, bloggers, or other businesses using the same things.

One of the main causes for this is the preference of some people to use only original content. The materials they employ in this fashion are all their property, and they are free to use them anyway they see fit.

Motion Ridge is worth checking out if audio effects and music are your main interests. for anything else. Ridge must increase its library if it hopes to draw customers. It is hoped that they will be able to do so soon.

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Motion Ridge Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Motion Ridge Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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