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In this Movavi review, you will find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

9.4Expert Score
Ideal for online learning and remote business, all-in-one video creator
The ideal tool to bring your creative ideas to life and share them with the world is Movavi Video Editor Plus. Make your videos rock by adding unique effects, keyframe amplification, and ready-made intros. Apply the Hromia Key to quickly change the background of your lips to anything you like. Try the updated user interface; it's so simple that there is nothing to learn.
Value for Money
Customer support
Ease of use
  • You can directly send screenshots to the software via a connected camera, smartphone, Android device, or webcam.
  • 4K videos
  • Incredibly easy for beginners
  • Compatible Mac computers, Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • Many premium features
  • Integrated training program
  • Pre-set for video's transitions, sequences, and graphics at the beginning.
  • Offers chroma key, IS, titling, movement tracking (such as for slow motion of the video tracks), keyframing, subtitles, and even slow movement.
  • No support for H.265
  • Limited control over some effects (for instance, title addition and editing).
  • Large video files must be rendered slowly.
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You will get: You can directly send screenshots to the software via a connected camera, smartphone, Android device, or webcam. 4K videos Incredibly easy for beginners Compatible Mac computers, Microsoft Windows 7 and above Many premium features Integrated training program Pre-set for video's transitions, sequences, and graphics at the beginning. Offers chroma key, IS, titling, movement tracking (such as for slow motion of the video tracks), keyframing, subtitles, and even slow movement.

If you’re seeking for more sophisticated, user-friendly video editing software, the greatest fit would be for anybody and everyone – individuals, professionals, or corporations – who require a video editor, whether for personal or professional use. In this Movavi review, I hope to provide some insight into the features and benefits of this gorgeous piece of software.

The most affordable video editing software that you can use right now in a simple and quick manner is Movavi Video Editor Plus.

Making videos seems like a challenging but fun process. One of the best programs for learning how to edit videos is Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022, which is unquestionably worthwhile.

The greatest video trimming program for PCs with amazing effects is Movavi Video Edit Plus 2022. In order to raise the caliber of our made videos, we have examined its features. It’s fantastic for novices and makes video editing simple.

Movavi home
To be certain of the best option, there are various limits that must be taken into account. Why are you making me wait? Everything regarding video editing apps is covered in this review.

What is Movavi ?

All-in-one video maker Movavi Video Editor Plus is perfect for remote work and distance learning. It includes an editor, converter, screen recorder, and more. Let’s explore which Movavi video suite would be the best fit for you.

The straightforward and effective video editing software Movavi Video Editor Plus will transform your footage into something magical. Editing and converting videos, creating 3D effects, stabilizing shaky footage, adding audio tracks to videos, and much more can all be done with it. You may edit videos, create special effects, and add music using this program.

The Movavi Video Suite includes a variety of excellent editing tools for editing videos, all broken down by category.

The different features of Movavi

Рiсverse Рhоtо Editоr

The Internet Photo Editor is a photo editor for photographers of any ability level. With the help of these cutting-edge tools provided by this desktop picture-editing software, you may alter images quickly and with excellent results. You can begin working in the program right away because to the user interface’s simplicity.


A sensible approach to working with PDFs. This enables you to manage PDFs from any location, whether it is on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or web browser. Delete and access the files in the cloud. Make teamwork more productive by giving everyone access to documents and projects. This significant update has changed the document workflow.

Screen Resolution for Perfect Images

  • Adapted screencasts: Take note of your smartphone, webcam, and system sounds. Record audio and video simultaneously or separately.
  • Scheduling: by selecting the day and hour for the video screen capture to begin. Set a capturing time limit.
  • Keyboard and mouse should be displayed by displaying your keyboard to the audience and activating the mouse display in the recording.
  • During the recording process, refer to videos. Add significant drawings to your tutorials to increase engagement.
  • Record only audio: Record sounds from a computer or mobile phone separately from the screen recording. Record only audio.
  • Take a screenshot of your webcam: Don’t remember to take a screenshot of the screen. Take a picture with the webcam.

Transpositions, filters, and titles

Adding connections to basic home video could make it more captivating. Additionally, filters and headers in a video explain to the audience what you’re attempting to say without pausing the video to do it verbally.

Background Change

You can use this feature to shoot yourself on a green screen before changing the background. It is a crucial feature because it is not always possible to record videos in the exact location owing to weather conditions, accessibility, and other factors.

Any background can be added to any existing video with Movavi Video Editor Plus, as long as the video was captured on a green screen.

Making Slideshow Videos

Wizard’s Funny Slideshow from the main menu Or utilize Manual Made to exert complete control over the creative process. Add your media files in any format by loading folders that are packed with images, videos, and music. The amount of files is unrestricted. Enjoy a world of fun with 165+ fantastic visual effects and filters, 105+ translations, 100+ titles, and stickers in the photo slideshow maker with music. Work using ready-to-use templates or come up with your own tale.

Commercial Video Suite

The Movi Video Suite has you covered with all the necessary business-related video creation tools.

Use the essential video editing tools, including the ability to cut and trim footage, combine clips, and incorporate music. Give your explainer videos creative effects, filters, and customizable captions.

Individualize your video presentations by including your company’s logo or trademark. Combine background music with your voice comment and upload videos directly to YouTube from the program.

Vertiсаl Videо

The Movavi video editor plus has a feature that enables users to select a suitable aspect ratio of already-existing videos for quick upload to social media platforms like You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, and others. The videos can be cropped vertically or horizontally in a number of different aspect ratios, including 16:9 or 9:16, 4:3, 1:1, and more.

Secure the video

The ability to increase stabilization in a badly shot video is one of the features that most video editing software lacks. However, you may smooth down the videos by using the Movi Video Editor Plus to remove camera shake.


When displaying two actors from the same video, this feature comes in handy. The option to combine the videos into a single movie format is provided by Movavi Video Editor PLus if you used two cameras from different angles to capture the same moment. Users no longer need to watch two distinct videos back-to-back; instead, they can see one video and analyze it simultaneously. It can also be used to add a video comment to a previously uploaded video.

Аdd Styles

Most video editing programs let you select a few different styles, but Movavi Video Editor Plus lets you change the mood for each style, which can make your videos more captivating. Numerous options are available, including light leaks, selective color, motion blur, half-tone, and tilt-shift, to name a few.

Audio or voice effects

By removing the original sound or by simply adding it to the current, Movavi Video Editor Plus enables its users to add a variety of sounds and even a voiceover over the audio of a video clip. You can remove certain sounds that you don’t want to share with others and add comments to all of your videos in this way.

Incredibly quick video converter

With one of the best video converters, instantly convert to any format at an incredible speed and quality. Transfer your movies, music, and pictures to any platform or device in any format.

Increase file compression without sacrificing quality to save more of your precious moments. Cut and crop your video. Create exciting glips, correct colors, and add effects. Combine several files into one. Find the appropriate subtitles online or on your computer directly from the application. Add them straight now to your videos.


The Ultimate Game Recording Software is this. The world of video games is filled with extreme highs and lows, crazy headshots, and ecstatic peaks. With a game recorder, you may capture the best gaming experiences of your life and share them with friends online.

Geсаta by Movavi is a free, lightweight streaming and game-recording software for iOS that enables you to capture and stream game play or a full-screen Windows desktop with a single click and no lags.

Exhibit and perform

A wide range of exhibit formats, including MKV, HTML, and GIF, are included in the package. The only formats in which audio can be saved are FL and M3. Available for export is input targeting the PS4, XBOX, iPhone, and Android platforms. What’s more, Google Drive or YouTube can quickly and easily install the software. Additionally, you have good but not overwhelming control over technical aspects like framerate resolution, two-pass coding, and bitrate in both video and audio video. Mоvаvi is responsive to standard editing in general but occasionally halted when I was using four-finger in-picture editing.

Advantages of Movavi video editor plus

  • Offers many formats for both import and export.
  • Permits video editors to upload the finished product directly to YouTube.
  • A big collection of connections and filters that may be assessed before application.
  • Significant gathering of objects, including stickers, aimed arrows, circles, and other things.
  • It has many options, is relatively affordable, and is easy to use.

What is the price of Movavi ?

From $39 per month to $186.95 per year, Movavi is pricey. It is necessary to conduct final pricing negotiations with the seller in order to purchase Movavi Video Editor Plus.

Every Movavi product has a demo version that you may use to “test-drive” the product and see whether it satisfies all of your requirements.

Movavi pricing

There are several pricing tiers available for Movavi Video Editor Plus. Individual 1-year subscription costs $54.95; individual lifetime subscription costs $74.95. Business lifetime subscription costs $186.95 and business 1-year subscription costs $101.95.

Price of Movavi Video Editor Plus for Mac

Movavi pricing mac

Conclusion : What makes Movavi a good choice ?

The mission of Movavi is to make working with multi-media files simple for everyone. When designing the software, they concentrated on usability. They strive towards a simple user interface, compatibility with popular operating systems and devices, and quick processing. The prick? Their devoted customers and the respect shown to their programs.

More than three million people use them in more than 200 countries around the world. They are constantly looking into the most recent business trends, assessing the demand for new features in their applications, and improving already-existing features. They regularly release new versions of their software to fit your demands and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Movavi be relied upon?

Can I Use Movi Software Safely? The Movi software is all safe to use. It excludes any form of maliciousness and cannot harm your device or privacy in any way. For completeness, we ran the Windows versions of four of our most frequently searched-for programs using an antivirus scanner.

Is Movavi a superior video editing program to iMovie?

For total product quality, iMovie earned 9.4 points whereas Movavi Video Editor only received 9.2. iMovie had an 82% customer satisfaction rating, whereas Movi Video Editor received a 96% rating.

Is Movavi a decent choice for novices?

There are no prerequisite skills required to master the program’s straightforward drag and drop options, making it a fantastic video editing program for novices. The use of Movavi Video Editor Plus is as simple as it is intuitive. It also has a lot of advanced features, like filters, transmissions, and file sharing.

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Movavi Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Movavi Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons


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